Edgars Fashion / Edconstealing my money

I’m really disappointed in the bad service from RMCS.

Edgars is very quick to take my money monthly for something I did not approve off but when it comes to paying back to customer it takes forever especially if RMCS call centres tells you it takes 24 – 48 hours and its been 12 days ALREADY.

I’ve been phoning almost every day for my refund and every time they tell me the will log the refund OR someone from the admin department did try to phone me and could not get hold of me and then they cancels the refund.
I checked my phone for any miss calls and there is nothing!

I’ve been waiting for my refund since the 14/01/2017, this might not seem to you like a lot of money but believe me it is a lot of money for a person like me that does not get an big salary.
I tried to speak to the admin department bit the call centres tells me they can’t give me an number or transfer me I must send an email and this is the 3rd email.

I need an feedback on this please before end of business day or I’ll start to take legal action as I got proof of all my calls, ref numbers and dates.

Jan 30, 2017

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