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I bought a phone from Edgars Clearwater mall on the 1st op September 2017 I had it about a month when it started to give me problems, the keypad did not always want to work and was slow. Last week on the 7the of November 2017 I took my phone in to Edgars, Randfontein, Village square mall amd asked them to send it in for repairs as it is not even 3 months old and the person with the name Phemelo did not want to help me and said he can see I bought the phone frome Edgars in Clearwater mall I have to take it back there as that is not true because I previously bought a phone from either Edgars, Key west or Clearwater mall and I experienced the same problem with the keypad and I took it to Edgars in Randfontein where they immediatly helped me. So as I explained that I previously gabe in my phone for repairs at Randfontein and I never bought a phone in Edgars, Randfontein he then said but that's how it works, so I said I will quickly phone customer service to see if things changed, then he suddenly said ot's fine he will help me. After he filled in all the paperwork he said I must just know that I will be paying for the repairs... again I said I'm not paying because my phone has a 24 month warranty and I don't even have the phone 3 months. So today I went to CNA, Randfontein in Village Square mall to buy a tablet and I asked the person who assisted me about this matter and he said If I buy a phone from CNA Randfontein I can even give it in for repairs in Durban as it is CNA to CNA and Edgars to Edgars. When I got home I phone Edgars, Randfontein to follow up on my phone and the lady said that my phone was only collected yesterday and it's been a week now. Usually it takes 7 - 14 day for repairs now I will wait much longer than 7 - 14 days. I asked the lady hos is that possible that it was only collected yesterday she said that the person who helped me (Phemelo) made a mistake something to do with insurance as I don't understand how my phone has something to do with insurance I took it in to be rapaired. This is unacceptable as I have to struggle with a phone that was also previously in for repairs with Edgars. The new phone is still brand new and I am not suppose to have problems like that. This is not the first time I send in phones for rapairs and know how it works. Can someone please assist in this matter and follow up about how long I now have to wait for my phone to be ready. My account number: [protected]. Phone is a Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime. IMEI number: [protected]. Thank you

Edgars Fashion / Edcon
Edgars Fashion / Edcon

Nov 14, 2017

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