Edgarsharassment by debtors

I am being harassed by people posing to be making enquiries about my account with Edgars, and this has been going on from the 15th of December 2010 to date. I am called by atleast five to ten callers a day by the names of Dries, Melissa, Nkouthula, Thabani and they all qoute ref E197127 telling me to pay the account. I had made the initiative to inform the Head Office in Johannesburg and spoke to a certain Mr. Strydom that I was going through a financial crisis and that I will pay the account at my pace, not the stipulated amount, until I get back on my feet. what is worse is that i have had the account for more that two years and have been paying in faithfully. It is only now that I find myself in the debacle. What uposets me more is that I have never had problems before and that the company can send more than 5 people to harass me is most unsettling. I am praying that I settle this account and have resolved not to have any thing to do with Edgars. I feel that this is race motivated incident and i have to go eslewhere. Account number [protected]

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