Edgars / my wife and I were extremely embarrassed and humiliated by edgars

Went to Edgards Sandton on Sat evening to buy some underwear for my wife. We were helped by a very nice lady on Playtex. Once we had done there we asked where we could get tights. She said we would find those downstairs. Took the escalators down on lnafing there is a cashier counter on the left the were three ladies there one cashing up. We asked where we could find the tights. The response we got from Nthabiseng was that she knows there is nothing on that floor we have to go back to second floor. Dinah who was sitting said she is sure the tights are on the second floor. She (Dinah) while sitting on dustbin behind the counter instructed us to go further into the floor and have look, no help offered. On second isle of clothing we found the tights we were looking for. I turn around to point out to her where the tights were. She then raised her voice at me saying if we found the tights what else were we looking for ( basicallly why bother us if you found what you're looking for). then I said to her that is not the manner she must use to speak to a customer. She replied by saying well you found what you 're looking for. My wife and I were extremely embarrased and humiliated by Edgars.

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