Edgars / they are giving your credit-control policies a very bad name

I had an Edgars account in 2000. After receiving a bill for goods I did not purchase, I queried the bill, submitted the affidavit stating I did not purchase the goods and considered the matter closed.

I have just received a call from an unknown call centre agent who would not give me his name, telling me I now owe more than 3 times what the original disputed amount was! I told him to apply the in duplum rule, that the debt has prescribed and that the matter was closed. He demanded my ID number and when I refused to confirm it, he said he would list me on ITC as a bad payer.

I don't know who this call centre is that you have handed over alleged bad debt to, Edgars, but it's shocking. I wonder how many non-attorneys have been intimidated by this bunch but they really need to learn some manners. They are giving your credit-control policies a very bad name.


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