eBay / fraud on damaged martin guitar

TN, United States

Seller described a Martin D45 guitar as "typical nicks and scratches of a 13 year old guitar. Three photos, from a distance, were shown. I paid $4500. for the guitar and when it arrived I saw "significant structural damage." Next, I visited with three Martin authorized luthiers including a visit to the Martin Guitar Co, in Nazareth PA, all within 2 working days after the guitar arrived. All three luthiers evaluated the guitar identifying the "significant structural damage." The fretboard was pushed toward the sound-hole by 1/2 inch. I contacted the seller who gave me the "screw you." I contacted eBay's resolution center which, after 5 days of deliberation and review of the luthier's evaluations found in favor of the seller. I then filed a lawsuit for FRAUD against the seller. If you have seen the eBay website over the last 30 days, they have revised their website claiming "Buyer Protection." When any organization makes claims to counter bad press, it's generally a fact that they are guilty and even in collusion with eBay scamers.

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