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Dear Sir Madame,

I am writing this email to express my disappointment with the Ebay business support and in general on how unprofessional various teams handled my case.

About a month ago I was informed that an unauthorised person accessed my account from an unknown location. That was me accessing my account from another city and I was successfully logged in with my password.
The support team gave me a call at my registered office number, not on my mobile phone but I was not able to answer because I was not working from the office that day. After 20 days my account was deactivated completely.

After that, I manage to reach out to the team over the phone and we resolved the issue. They promised to restore all my account to its original state. After 1 month of stress and multiple calls I have the following issues:

1. The feedback is not fully restored. Now there is less feedback than a month ago.
2. You have restored my items but they are not relisted. That it means if I relist them, they will not be connected with the external database which I am using. The problem is because all the restored items are using a new item number. This it will take me many days to fix it and both of us will lose potential customers.
3. I have received an order and you informed the customer that my account was suspended and you have refunded the money.
4. I have placed a personal order and you cancel it without refunding my money. Also you have informed the seller about my account and therefore I never received the product which I have pay.
5. After the database restore everything looks like an old version. From my understanding you have used an old version. For example, the business name from "Multibinary" was changed to "nathanael516" which was the very old one. Also the description and the products of my shop/profile are disappeared.
6. For some reason, the "Monthly selling limits" shows You have listed (active) 14, while "Sell menu" at the left side bar shows Active 15.

This is Unacceptable and is not my fault. You did not manage to restore the latest database successfully and you can understand from the above that I am facing multiple issues with consequence to lose many days of work, customer feedback which is very important and most importantly orders and time.

I am willing to find a solution which it will benefit both sides.

Best regards,

May 05, 2018
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  • Br
      Jun 08, 2018

    All I can say is welcome to eBay!
    They PROMISED that they would refund my money for a good that a customer bought then wanted a refund. The product bought was a perishable good that I can not resell or use so I lost out on the product I had to refund their money and I had to pay for the return shipping they didn't pay me back for anything they gave me a $12 coupon and said sorry even though I have to voice recordings promising that they would refund my money and it never happened!
    eBay ONLY cares about their customers as in buyers not the sellers.
    I promise you that you a will not do [censored] about your problem you have to fix it yourself. I'm sorry, but it's true.

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  • Pi
      May 20, 2019

    I am so sick of getting outbid by 8***2 on a video game entitled Balloon Kid for Game Boy from a seller named maxxpowermania. I really want 8***2 to become arrested by the police and have his Balloon Kid Game Boy game mailed to the right address: 5028 Ike Frank Road.

    - AmericanGirlFan5665

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