eBay / lets forged autographs be sold year after year

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I Have been a Buyer and Seller on ebay for 10 + years, and I sold Authentic Autographs, Inc Elvis presley, Jimi Hendrix ect ...ect... and have noticed that over the years there are alot of sellers selling Fake Autographs on Ebay and i have reported them and they have done nothing about it, even let some of these people become top rated sellers UNREAL !!!, I had a problem with ebay a few years ago and they closed my Acct becouse of going back and forth with another person on ebay, I was Closed by Mistake by ebay and It took me a week to two weeks to get it strightened out and when I did an ebay High ranking person by the name of Brett Wilson added a bank act with out my permision ? that would be a Violation of the of the law once More ...UNREAL, that a company that large would do That !!! I have try to contact ebay about these problems and they do nothing but let these sellers sell fake autographs .maybe John j. Donahoe will take notice now, and do you think he cares ? I bet not as his Salary for 2010 was $920, 673.00 and total comp for that year in 2010 for him was $12, 382, 486.00 That 12 million Dollars per year, nice John to say you made alot money from people selling fake Autographs on Your site, Also please look this up "ebay sellers: are you a top rated selle or a Dishonest Dirtbag" a well written truth about ebay and its dealings from what i have read written by greg scott .jan, 8, 2010 under Drop Ship news, I left ebay in 2012 with 100% feedback, becouse of there way of dealing with 10 + year members, So if you have had problems with ebay contact them and let them know that there making money off of Forged Autograpghs and im sure alot of other fake things, im glad John j Donahoe can sleep at nite after making over 12 million dollars a year off of letting people Sell Fake Autographs, Thank you: ebay for letting 1000's of people get riped off ... We Deal in history

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