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eBay - Kimberly Adolf / rips people off on ebay

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On March 23, 2005 I won the bid on a portable dvd player. I sent the payment promptly to Kimberly Adolf. She left positive, glowing feedback for me for the quick payment. She emailed me and said that she would send the dvd player out on early in the week. Then I email her about a week later and ask her when she mailed it and she said Friday... since when is Friday early in the week? I never received the dvd player. She then proceeded to stall by saying she'd ship a new one once her "supplier" shipped her some. Then she said she'd refund me because she didn't know when she was going to get more dvd players. She said she would pay half that weekend and the other half the following weekend.

Needless to say I never received a dime from her. She has made a number of promises and doesn't follow through. She is a liar and a thief. Fortunately, ebay banned her so she can't rip off anyone else. I'm sure she's finding another way to rip people off.

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  • Dr
      4th of Jan, 2007
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    This is another one on Ebay just like yours, Rebecca Campbell aka oscarsolivia. Her EBAYID history says.
    This person's no longer a registered eBay user.
    User ID Effective Date End Date
    oscarsolivia Jan-26-05 Not a registered user
    lolasclothes com Apr-05-04 Jan-26-05
    extremecouture Dec-13-02 Apr-05-04
    I won the auction being held by oscarsolivia, she even left me glowing feedback for my prompt, fast payment too. I pay immediately after auction and Rebecca said it is now mailed out within 1 day. I wait a week for my merchandise to arrive, then I email her asking when it would be here, she always reply back with friendly emails telling me not to worry, mail is slow, all sort of excuses. Another week goes by and in this time I see her feedback rating take a big drop with all the negatives. Before she make it private, these people made complaints they never received the goods either. Then Rebeccas Ebay site said she was no longer registered. There were no more nice emails, she turned nasty towards me, then never replied again. I never received my goods and I'm sure the other 100 who leave negatives, maybe more never did either. Like the ebayer you have problems with I'm sure this one is finding another way to steal from more people too, she showed no remorse, nothing. This is very unfair. At least Ebay bans these sellers to stop this.

  • Ki
      24th of Jan, 2007
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    The report about me on ebay is FALSE!!!!I was actually trying to get another one from the dropshipper, Dave Espino! They really were on backorder. When that doesn't work i really did send a refund via paypal! Its unfair that i have to have a bad report on a mistake when this seller has several negatives himself on ebay!!! This evil angry person barrys wife, did get a refund!

  • As
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    As an Ebay seller myself, I have to agree with Buyer's complaint. If I do not have inventory in hand, I do not list. A problem with seller's supplier is the seller's problem, not the buyer. Seller seems to have fallen for one of those get rich quick scams that tell people they can sell stuff on Ebay without carrying any inventory.

  • Ad
      17th of Feb, 2008
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    I would like to point out something that most people do not realize about eBay. 90% or so I estimate, of consumer products that are sold on eBay are usually drop shipped from certain companies who fulfill such orders and contracts on behalf of the seller. This allows the seller to keep costs down, since they do not have to pay to have the item shipped to them, and then pay to reship the item to the buyer themselves. The problem is, a huge number of warehouses and "dropshippers" are dishonest, and are the crooks. I have fallen victim to them myself. It is hard to find a reputable supplier. I have found a few, that ship within 24 business hours, have always stood by their products. The problem is, there are not very many out there, but a seller has to start somewhere.

    In the case of your seller, I can say from my own similar experience, that she probably did have a supplier, and the supplier probably was a ripoff outfit. She probably didn't refund your payment because she couldn't get a refund from the so called supplier.

    It is possible to sell without carrying inventory, however, you must ensure it is a reputable outfit, who's reputation can be vouched for by either other sellers, members, or most importantly the Better Business Bureau. An honest dropshipping outfit will not generally have "dropship" mentioned anywhere in their web address or company name. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT, fall for suppliers like Simplx, or ClubDropShip, while they are reputable, they charge high fees for a crappy service. All they do is link you to other sites that you place the same order with as the buyer placed with you. It works, but you make almost no money on something like that, and most items are still priced higher than what everyone else on ebay sells for.

    Either carry the product yourself, or if you do find a supplier you want to try out, place a personal order, and time how long the order takes to arrive, how well it was shipped, and if there are any problems, it is probably a bad idea to use them.

    I know of some real legit dropshippers, but I do not want to give away trade secrets that I found on accident after hundreds of hours of searching.

    For buyers who are really concerned, if an item listed has a stock photo, one that is used in other people's listings as well, it doesn't hurt to ask the seller if this is shipped from a third party. If it is, beware there may be problems. It's not the sellers fault, the seller just needed to get started somewhere, and happened to pick a bad supplier. People really do make money this way on eBay, but it takes LOTS of hard work and research to get set up properly for it.

  • Ju
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    You have found some legit dropshippers but dont wanna give awy their trade secrets. HUH? Once again what someone types says more about themselves than it does anyone else. You just told me you are a weasel and a scammer who is full of ###. Trade secrets???? the only trade secret that is worth it's weight is HONESTY and INTEGTIRY. The fact that you have a "secret" and rub it into our faces, tells me that yer just another scumbg. One with a small brain and alot of insecurity. Keep your trade "secrets". Honesty and Integrity are no secret...they are "SCARCE" but scarcity is not the same thing as SECRECY. Get over your self.

  • Mr
      27th of Dec, 2010
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    @ justpassinthrough you are apparently the one full of [censor] < The simple fact that he dosn't want to give out the name of the supplier he found proves him to be more honest than you 1. he obvousily is not trying to sell anyone here if he was he would have given the name of the supplier 2. If someone finds a supplier and does not tell you that is a TRADE SECRET [censored] why would he give away the bank [censored]! the guy is just trying to let people know that you can dropship but that it usually takes awhile to find a reputable supplier. So why dont you get over yourself and stop slandering people you dont know because you are hiding behind a keyboard you coward!

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