eBayjohn deere lawn tractor belt

B Nov 16, 2017

I purchased a "kevlar" tractor belt from "epr distribution." I received a belt that was not a kevlar belt, which does not stretch, with a lower cost belt that did stretch. Over several weeks the belt began to stretch such that it would not turn the mower blades through any difficult grass.

When I complained to eprdistribution, see below, they claimed the warranty period was over. They never denied that the belt was not as advertised. Since the belt takes some to stretch out to where it is useless, the belt has a latent defect and should be replaced with a valid kevlar belt or the money returned. The vendor simply ignores my requests.

Brad Baker
Oct 25

to eBay
As I mentioned in my second email, the stretch of the belt is a latent defect and latent defects by definition are defects that cannot be identified during normal inspection processes and therefore are allotted additional time for the user to make claim. I am still expecting restitution for a belt that apparently never was the kevlar type advertised.

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