eBay / iphone 6 plus sold as unlocked but doesn't work after 3 months

United States

I purchased an iphone 6 plus through your site in mid june 2017 which was delivered on june 21 with slight issues as I couldnt sent text messages right away. After a month I realized that the phone is the only one among other cell phones which doesnt see all wifi nearby. Later on I figured out that the phone kicks me out of wifi although I am sitting next to the rooter!
Now after 3 months the phone doesnt work at all! Last thing was while I was having a n important conversation via viber, it turned off and doesnt turn on again!!! If you try to charge, it claims only 1% as it doesnt charge. It is not the battery as even on charger, the phone doesnt let you join any internet.
The phone was not sold as unlocked not as used!!! I insist on getting a full refund or a replacement as soon as possible. Seller was notified on friday 13 oct. 2017 but no answer yet!!
Thank you. Sofia limberi

Oct 16, 2017

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