eBaycounterfeited moroccanoil

I had very bad experiences with eBay buyer protection program, every time they are standing on the seller side without taking in considerations the buyer information and details provided .

The last issue was closed yesterday again to seller side, I ordered Moroccan oil from ebay seller Item: [protected] and after received it i tried to contact Moroccan oil to check how to use this oil and to check if this oil is authentic ( i noticed that the oil color not clear and something wrong with this bottle which not similar to what was showing on seller photo . asked me from where you ordered this oil and of you can send us the seller details and the bottle photo .

I received strong email from them saying the following :

Dear customer

First off, I would like to thank you for getting in contact with us and for your interest in our Moroccanoil line. Please be advised that stores like pharmacies, or any website including, &, are NOT authorized retailers of Moroccanoil and that Moroccanoil has not and will not sell any of its products to these companies and/or websites.

The only authorized online retailer is our official Website “ “, but unfortunately only for the USA and Canada at the present time.

Furthermore, we have reasons to believe the products currently available through these retailers are counterfeited. Consequently, we are in the process of taking strong legal actions, and we are hopeful this will soon stop these companies from offering these products that may jeopardize the health of consumers.

I would like to assure you that Moroccanoil products are meant for sale only at qualified salons, where hair professionals can assist and instruct consumers on the best way of using the products.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions

Best regards and have a nice day


Liliana Grunmann | Customer Service Representative

Montreal, Quebec H4P 1M7

Toll Free +[protected], 285
Direct +[protected]
Fax +[protected]

After escalating the case to ebay informing them what happened and the fake product received and I tried to ship it back to US after agreeing with seller to retune it back

The issue was no one of the carriers accept to take this responsibility and ship back the item to USA from Saudi Arabia . they asked for Material Safety Data Sheet ( MSDS ) from USA . which i can't provide . this should be done by seller .

I informed ebay with this details opened a case, They asked me to provide a letter from carrier saying that they can't carry the product and need letter or certificate . I contact TNT, DHL and Aramex trying to get this letter but they informed me that they can't give such letter the only way they can send email or to check there website .

I forwarded all the email with website links showing that they need MSDS letter and can't ship the products back to US .

ebay decision was to seller side with no reason mentioned even when i report the seller and add my feedback regarding the product, ebay removed it !!!

I need someone to help me solve this issue and refund my money back and escalated this seller .

Jan 12, 2015

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