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eBay / not for me any more

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Ebay is a scam, they suspended my account saying that my account was linked to another suspended user.

I set an Ebay account to help support my terminally ill wife and here bills. I take care of her full time and can not work.

Not only did they suspend my account, but they also to our lively hood. The only income we had besides my wife’s low SSI.

I had a 100% positive feed back, plus mant repeat buyers.

I would love to start a class action. I aready file a complaint with the attorney general office.

I also had a credit of $18.00. Still have not got that back.

If you are a Power Seller, then Ebay will grant you the world, but if you are a small time business like me you get nothing but hardship.

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  • Bi
      15th of Jul, 2008
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    there has to be a reason for them to do them and ask what is going on...are ppl these days really so lazy that they expect EVERYTHING to be laid at their feet?? sometimes, as much of a pain the ### it is, you have to work a litle to get answers!!

  • An
      24th of Jul, 2008
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    I've also had a very negative experience with ebay. Unfortunately, I am still an ebay member.
    Ebay really has poor customer service. Here are some examples that I had to deal with:

    1. Ebay gave me an unpaid item strike because the seller claimed that I never paid. I had paid. The seller never sent the item. He refunded the money and then filed an unpaid item dispute. I had responded to the dispute with what had happened. What did Ebay do? They totally ignored my reply. They still gave me an unpaid item strike.

    2. Ebay cancelled 2 of my listings. They sent me an email claiming that I had violated their listing policy. The 1st email did not clearly explain what I did wrong. It only gave links to their policies and some vague examples of why a listing could be canceled by ebay. When Ebay cancelled my 2nd listing, it stated that I had included information in the listing that was misleading.
    I did a search for the same information that was in my listing in Video Games category and I came up with 500+ results.

    Ebay's business practices are unfair. I was singled out for some reason. I don't know why.

    Yes, I am definitely interested in class action lawsuit against ebay.

    P.S. Please let me know how to contact the Attorney General. Thanks.

  • An
      24th of Jul, 2008
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    This is in response to Bianca's post. Ebay has not and will not respond to my emails. The department that canceled my listing does not communicate with the customers via phone, only by email. Yes, I've tried to contact them. Ebay just doesn't care.

  • An
      15th of Aug, 2008
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    I am now a single mum after my husband left our 18 year marriage. We have a 9 year old son with a Chronic Medical Condition which requires me to work from home to take care of him. I had worked out of home for 20 years prior to this. My Income is very minimal and the fact that my ex-husband left us with a Mortgage, Car loan and full cost of running the family home as well as emptied all bank accounts, I need every scent that I earn from my registered part-time business. I started selling on ebay about a year ago. I have 100% positive feedback with a 5 star rating and only operate in a professional manner. All of a sudden I started to notice that my listings were being cancelled and an email from ebay stating that due to trust & safety issues restictions had been put on my account. I first emailed ebay and I got an email that said due to trust & safety... please contact us in 90 days and we will review your account then. I then contacted live support and they said you need to contact trust & safety and they will be able to explain why this has happened as live support do not have access to this information. I then emailed trust & safety again politely asking for a reason why this has happened and guess what I got the same guy with the same message- no explanation at all. I then went back to live support and they said the same cant help. I have lost over $500 a month in sales since they did this. IS EBAY GOING TO PAY MY MORTGAGE & BILLS SO THAT MY SON & I DONT END UP ON THE STREET. I OPERATE A LEGITIMATE BUSINESS AND I AM TOTALLY DISGUSTED WITH THEM OVER THIS. I have since started my own website and have kept the ebay store going to see what happens when the 90 days are up.
    I then had to contact customer support after a purchase that I made. The seller advertised clothing in one listing but with diff sizes available. I won, paid straight away and sent a message to the seller for my size. 2 days later the clothing arrived in x-large but I had requested medium. When I contacted this seller she said we did not hear from you so if that happens we feel that we can send any size???????? They were quick to send though in 2 days. I contacted ebay and they said that they had not violated any ebay rules so I had to pay for the postage again as I had to return the item for the correct size. Guess What? She sent me the right size but this time the wrong colour. Buy this time it was one month since the clothing was purchased. When I contacted the seller she said I dont have one in the colour that you bid on so I thought this colour would be nice for you!! If you try on I am sure you will like. I was furious and had a look in her store and guess what she had a listing with the colour that I had originally paid for. When I contacted her back her reply was - to be frank I dont want the extra postage expense so accept this colour please. Ebay still said that she had not broken any listing violations. I ended up with clothing that I did not want and she got away with it... With my business, I have done nothing wrong and as mentioned 100% positive feedback and yet they restict my account. Why is ebay letting these unprofessional sellers get away with murder and yet the legimate ones are being penalised for no reason. To this day I still dont know why my listings have been affected, I have not changed anthing for over a year now... This is bad business and ebay will suffer in the end...

  • Ni
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    I cannot tell you how many times I have heard about this happening.
    The truth is, ebaY is falling. They are trying to do whatever they can to get their head above water, so they suspend accounts on users they think might cause trouble. In addition to that, they are hiking up their fees, and they make it nearly impossible to find out what you are really paying them once all is said and done.
    I feel your pain as your sales were apart of your income and really meaning something to you.
    I caught wind of a company opening on Nov 1st '08... They are an e-commerce company setting out to revolutionize online selling and buying. There is no auction, no bidding, but their process works. Having the inside scoop I know they have a list of sellers, manufactuers and former power sellers alike who are lined up to upload their products in October to have them ready for sale on their giant kick off on Nov. 1.
    Let me know if you are interested and I can provide you with more information. This could be your perfect solution to start selling again and getting some income in to take care of your wife, and its really risk free. No one can afford to take a gamble these days!

  • Rd
      27th of Jan, 2009
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    Discussion Post a reply | Print | Stop Watching Thread
    wrong shipping address
    trrytoony (218 ) View Listings | Report Jan-11-09 09:00 PST
    ebay checkout changed my shipping address to another state.mean while i started getting emails from another angry ebayer claiming i stole his property, unrelated.paypals keven, claims somebody on my end changed my paypal shipping address while i was logged why are the ebay invoices changed too?not to mention ebays new checkout, has a link to direct you back to ebay, right?well, you get redirected but are still logged in to paypal for up to 10 minutes!WTF?they missed that one, never had time to cover it i looked around the net, ebay and paypal admitted this happens, why don't they just pay me my money back instead of trying to cover it up?this is the kind of bs that is going to get the banking industry involved.we all have to file with consumer affairs.
    this will stop them from bleeding sums of money from us and leaving us out to dry.i honestly though i was hacked, took out a police report on the man in another state.paypal never banked on my internet skills, i found the man and contacted state would have extradited him, and was didn't do anything.i explained all this to my bank, they will get my money back and help me file with the federal gov, in an effort we should all make to force paypal to be regulated as the bank they are and stop defrauding us!
    6 replies Date posted Reply #
    trrytoony (218 ) View Listings | Report Jan-11-09 09:02 PST 1 of 6
    PayPal Glitch Sends eBay Packages to Wrong Buyers
    By Ina Steiner
    September 11, 2007
    AddThis Social Bookmark Button

    A spokesperson has confirmed that a "PayPal database issue" has caused a problem in a small percentage of eBay transactions that mixes up ship-to addresses. A few reports began surfacing late last week that eBay sellers were sending packages to the wrong users due to an apparent glitch. PowerSeller Evan Prytherch said he bought a toner cartridge from another eBay seller using Buy It Now and using eBay's PayPal payment service. He said he was surprised to receive a call from a person he had formerly sold something to who had received his package in error. "It's a potentially very, very serious PayPal issue with a lot of very nasty ramifications, " Prytherch said, adding that he wouldn't have believed if it had not just happened to him.

    PayPal spokesperson Sara Gorman said the shipping team has been working on the problem over the last day or so. She said there would be no announcement made to the eBay System Announcement board because it affected such a small percentage of sellers. "We are going to work with the affected users individually." Gorman was referring to users who contacted PayPal or posted on the PayPal board. She could not say whether PayPal would actually send an email to every user affected by the problem.

    One buyer affected was Ann Farmer, who had filed a class-action lawsuit against eBay in April ( She told AuctionBytes late last week that her daughter had received packages at her home in another town that were supposed to go to Farmer. And when she subsequently tried to pay for several additional eBay purchases, her daughter's address showed as the ship-to address, and she was unable to change it.

    On September 3rd, a user posting on eBay's PayPal discussion board under the User ID mad_monkey_inc wrote, "Was going through my recent payment transactions and noticed that the last 4 had a ship to address that was not mine. The weirdest part is that the new address is confirmed. I have talked to Paypal service center and they are currently working on the problem, but they claimed the new address was being forwarded to them by ebay." Another user responded to the thread citing the same problem (

    When asked if there was a pattern to the glitch, Gorman said she did not know. PayPal is focused on getting the issue fixed, she said.

    Asked whether sellers who might take a hit in their Feedback ratings could get resulting neutrals and negatives removed, Gorman said PayPal would work with eBay on that and "do whatever we can to work with users individually."

    Update 9/11/07: See an update on eBay's Chatter blog.

    trrytoony (218 ) View Listings | Report Jan-11-09 14:24 PST 2 of 6
    ebay has even added a link to address the problem back in july.i was never notified, anyone else heard of this link.paypal had to know about it, here is the page to report that issue, and it is going world wide web:

    trrytoony (218 ) View Listings | Report Jan-25-09 16:21 PST 3 of 6
    well, i lost all three of my claims, despite overwhelming proof there is a billing/invoice bank will recover my money, and i will file more complaints into paypal.
    paypal is a bank, and must be regulated as such, time, they will get what they deserve, and justice will prevail, charges will be filed, and a multitude of claims will be settled.paypal will have to close in the end, then we can begin to use other, regulated payment options again.
    bank of america's legal dept.seemed very interested in my claim, possibly due to my diligence in proving my case.perhaps they will take paypal from ebay when the ball drops!
    it will happen, always does, many money drunk arrogant people are repeating the mistakes of the great depression, and paypal will be held to bear.

    trrytoony (218 ) View Listings | Report Jan-27-09 12:51 PST 4 of 6
    here is what ebay sent me when i inquired about ebay changing my shipping address on their invoice, talk about passing the buck, " Dear Terry,

    Thank you for writing eBay in regard to our concern.

    I understand your concern and would like to inform you that while eBay
    is affiliated with PayPal, we are two separate entities. Although eBay
    has acquired PayPal, we at eBay have no access to your PayPal account
    which is why I am forwarding your email directly to a PayPal
    representative who will quickly and efficiently look into the matter.
    We do this to ensure the security of your PayPal account information.

    To help you as quickly as possible, I went ahead and forwarded your
    message directly to a PayPal representative.

    For future reference, we can help you even faster if you contact PayPal
    Customer Service directly with your PayPal questions. You can reach them
    by logging into your PayPal account and then sending a secure email from
    this page: "

    trrytoony (218 ) View Listings | Report Jan-27-09 12:55 PST 5 of 6
    now, mark my words, paypal will send me an email stating contact matter, if you pay using a credit card or bank visa, like i do, you can get your money back.fraud is fraud.that is why paypal gives you all kind of chances to "not" use your other payment methods, because it takes it out of their other words, when it is your random turn to get defrauded by them, you can file with your bank and get your money back, paypal loses that money and a few fees too!

    trrytoony (218 ) View Listings | Report Jan-27-09 19:59 PST 6 of 6
    got a message from paypal, the email ebay forwarded to me wa rejected, same email address i had been corresponding to paypal with.ebay claims it has no access to paypal, well, on the phone paypal accessed my ebay them with a problem and see.and ebay live accessed my accounts.seems like a deliberate case of hiding the truth.but, no matter which group i talk to, they tell me to contact the buyer, or the seller.
    this is an attempt to pit us against each other, to blame each other until we burn is like, johnny threw the stone that broke the window, then points at the other guys and says he didn't do it.

  • Ba
      7th of Aug, 2009
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    I signed up to ebay about a month ago, and was subject to and experienced the Ebay/Paypal Monopoly first hand. I did not want to use Paypal to accept payments as I already have my own merchant account with First Data and they are half the price of Paypal. When listing my first item, I scrolled to the part where it asked how I would like to be paid. I un-checked Paypal, and checked credit card. On the next screen it said that in order to accept credit cards I had to fax a copy of my merchant account invoice to them to prove to them that I can support this method of payment. I faxed them the necessary documents, and the games began. 2 days went by and no message from them about what was going on. Then I called them and was asked why I did not want to use paypal, and that it is the preferred payment of ebay. I explained to them my situation, and they said they would look into the situation, and they would get back to my via email. I waited another 2 days, and nothing. I called them again, and they brought me to the listing page, and they walked me through and told me to click Paypal for payments accepted, and I told them I did not want to accept Paypal, and they were dumbfounded and did not know what to do. They knew nothing about how to integrate my merchant account. They told me I have to wait for T&S to contact me. The next morning I called them again, and was once again told to just use Paypal and recieved a pitch on how they were safe and secure. I asked to speak to a manager, and they told me the manager was not available. I then called again and they finally got to the bottom of things. I listed a couple of items, and after the first one ended, the buyer told me there was no way for him to pay. I called ebay again and they told me there was a "Pay Now" button in the email that was automatically sent to them after the auction ended. The buyer told me there was nothing there. I got this same response from every winning bidder that day. I called ebay and they once again told me that I should accept Paypal for payments until they get the situation fixed. I told them I would not pay for the listing fees so far and they told me I have to pay them, and that it is like listing an ad in the paper and the listing fees are non-refundable. The next day they told me that they fixed the problem, and then I listed a couple items, and everything seemed to be good, until the first auction was down to the last minute. The account was blocked by Paypal, and I was informed that they needed more information on my Paypal account in order for the account suspension to be lifted. I called ebay and they told me the block was from Paypal. I called Paypal and they asked for my SS# and receipts for the items I was selling. I told them I never opened a Paypal account, and they told me regardless, they would still need the information in order to lift the suspension, and until then, the account would remain blocked. I called Ebay and they told me there was in fact a Paypal account linked to my ebay account and that there was nothing they could do. Now, I NEVER opened a Paypal account nor did I link it to my ebay account. To me, this is yet another shady desperate attempt by Ebay to force new members that do not know any better to use Paypal to accept Paypal so they can make money from every angle. When I call them and tell them this whole scenario, they ask me if there is anything they can help me with, otherwise the phone call will be disconnected. They no longer respond to my email regarding this and they told me that if I keep contacting them through ebay live chat that they would bring up charges for Harassment. What a way to run a company. I also notice that when you post ANY negative comments about ebay that are valid in the ebay forums, the comments are removed and you are banned from posting in their forums. They are trying to cover up anything negative about their company, but truth be told..., check out Ebay and Paypal on the Better Business Bureau and see all the complaints they have since January. There are well over 10, 000 of them. Ebay soon will be a thing of the past and they will continue to lose thousands of members a week to Amazon, just like me.

  • Je
      21st of Mar, 2010
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    First off all of you complaining are not telling the full story. Your listing can be removed for just being in the wrong category! Why do you not try to work this out with PayPal and eBay? Everyone has a boo hoo story but it can be fixed if you are not lazy and make a phone call and be nice to the representatives that you talk to cause they did not do this to you. The most common complaints all have to do with people like all of you who do not fully read the user agreement! Also for the last comment take a look at stocks and business profiles before you enlighten us with your knowledge about a large companies financials. What you said is laughable. Do you know that 75% of the time when you are selling jewelry or phones on Amazon that the transaction is fraudulent. Please check your info, without checking your info beforehand you have the tendency to sound like an idiot.

  • Ch
      8th of May, 2011
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    to donaldree
    my account was suspeneded also cause it was linked to an account I had like 3 years ago which i forgot all about
    they suspenede my used id that was a powerseller, high rated, making them about 500 in fees a month.the funny thing is I sold last year and the year before without this being an issue and then Bamm oh you now need to pay that passed due balance on your old account ok but y know and they cant produce details of fees, they are unsurpassed as far as traffic and easy place to sell but customer service hassle with cust support on stupid issues like selling limits which they restricted to a pre determined based on past history, why would someone want to limit your selling they are totally wacked overthere, what to do

  • Lo
      10th of Dec, 2011
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    I too was suspended from ebay after selling on their site for 9-years. They claimed my selling rating was not up to their standards after all these years at 95.4. They really don't care about their SELLERS once they use us for their EXPENSIVE FEES over the years. So everyone out there thinking about selling on ebay, DON'T DO IT. They are getting very COCKY and WAY OVERBOARD with their STUPID RULES and REGULATIONS. Like someone said above in their complaint, "ebay will be a thing of the PAST SOON for treating their SELLERS and BUYERS like crap". We all NEED to STOP BUYING & SELLING on this EBAY site. We NEED to HELP SUPPORT other Newer site such as EBID or AUCTION.COM grow and WIPE-OUT ebay SLOWLY!!!

  • Ti
      10th of Jan, 2012
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    My account just got permanently suspended. Three months ago, they sent me a email stating my grade for sending merchandise was not up to their standards. The maximum you could have was 3, and they state I had a 4. So I called them and they said just send items quickly and it should be removed. For the next two months, I mailed items with about a 48 hour delivery time from receipt of money, and maybe 15% within 3 days. Each month when I contacted them, they said yes you improved and it should be removed. Then each time within a couple of days, I get an email stating my account rating got worse! Two months later, I called to ask again, was told my rating was up to a 6?, prior month was a 4, and even feedback was positive and shipped everything within 3 days. Reps. kept saying they don't understand why it keeps going up. The following day, I received another email that my rating went up to 7 now! The day I called them it was a 6! Everytime I called to inquire its like they retaliate. Then told to contact the resolve center and did, and explain. The following day, I received an email that I am not PERMANENTLY removed from Ebay! I am going to call again.. but it appears to a retaliatory system. Someone keeps raising my score each month for no reason, and not one negative comment! Now where do I sell! So sick of them on top of them withholding my money until delivery and not paying interest! Isn't that against the law!?

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