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Be aware on making purchases from luvmydiamond aka Burgin Rarities!! They're a non-performing seller whom violated Ebays policy and even though I've mentioned this to eBay, I hardly doubt they're going to take actions against them. According to Ebay, a seller who states in their listing that they accept returns but refuses to do so after the item(s) been purchased even if the return meets their stated requirement, is considered prohibited behavior under the policy. I tried to return an item I purchased from that seller and they totally dishonored the return. Under their return policy, it stated there was a 14 day money back guarantee and on the listing, the seller represented there was a money back guarantee and returns were accepted no matter the reason. When I received the item from the seller, it was misdescribed. I notified the seller that I wanted to return the item for a refund by message through eBay the very same day I received the item and requested from them a return address but the seller refused to give me that information and accept the return. The fraudulent seller said I wasn't entitled to a refund because I did a chargeback with paypal and my card company but I had only opened a dispute with Paypal at that current moment. I had to report the sellers actions, they didn't even try to resolve the issue with me. Tho I must add there was no such provisions listed under their return policy or on the listing that one couldn't open a dispute, do a chargeback with their card company or take out any actions against them. Nowhere on the listing or under the return policy did it state returns would not be accepted if one did such actions. There was no such provisions under their return policy or listing that specified such a thing other than to notify them, return the item in 14 days, have it confirmed by email and that provision fell under domestic only. Other provisions that were stated: the item could not be altered or the return would not be accepted and for international buyers, returns would only be accepted if the item was misdescribed. I returned the item unaltered and I'm not an international buyer. The seller had no grounds to refuse the return and hold my money hostage. Not to mention how the item was misdescribed if I haven't already. Since I decided to split the payments up and not pay for the item using a single transaction, I wasnt covered under eBays protection policy and the same goes for Paypal except for the most current transaction that was made. One of the transactions was covered and Paypal ruled in my favor and issued me a refund. Paypal told me I had to return the item to the seller before I could be refunded and that is what I did. I waited and waited for the seller to refund me but they never did. I had to contact Paypal about it and a representative called the seller and asked them if they could issue me a refund for the remaining transactions cause it was known that the seller had the item in their possession. The seller then made a falsified claim that the diamond ring was missing from inside the box. The fraudulent seller has implied I'm a thief. luvmydiamond has committed fraud against me and victimized me. I have lost over 1, 500 from the fraud they've committed. Dealing with that seller has been a nightmare and I thought I'd warn others about them because I wouldn't want for anyone else to experience what I've experienced in doing business with them. No telling who else they've victimized with their fraudulent selling practices. The public needs to be made aware of the fraudulent seller and to be careful if you consider doing business with them. In my opinion, the seller in question, should have their account suspended for violating Ebays policy, shouldn't be trusted for false misrepresentaion and for engaging in fraudulent selling practices. Criminal actions need to be taken against the frauduent seller. If a polygraph test were presented the seller would fail hands down and I would pass because I am the victim and been truthful with everything I've stated. The sellers communication was extremely poor, item wasn't as described, item wasn't shipped out in the time frame they listed and I most def was unsatisfied with that seller. The seller was unable to turn an unsatisfied buyer into a satisfied one and chose to committ fraud on top of that. I know next time not to wait so long to leave feedback or make split payments on purchasing an item on eBay because there is no protection for the buyer. As that one saying goes "You live & you learn".


Feb 25, 2013
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  • Aq
      Mar 21, 2013

    BBB has ruled in my favor against the fraudulent seller whom victimized me. woohoo!!

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  • Aq
      May 30, 2013

    & you are entitled to your beliefs

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