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To Who. It may concern,

I have been playing SWGOH since day one. I absolutely love this game and have invested a ton of time and a ridiculous amount of money playing. Over the past year and a half, have been fortunate to have not experienced any technical difficulties. Early this morning I was excited to complete the new Death Trooper event. Upon completion I earned the max shards possible (55). I was able to activate the character leaving me with 30 out of 25 shards left, which would allow me to promote to 3*. When I tried to execute, it popped up with a message that I couldn't? I then proceeded to restart the game to try and fix the issue. When I logged back in it showed me sitting at 20 out of 25 shards; I was missing 10 shards. I contacted EA tech support. After spending almost an hour on the phone with someone who was apparently just relaying the issue to someone in tech, they denied my claim to the missing shards and would not provide me with any additional reason. As someone who is extremely invested in this game I cannot tell you how upset I am. A 3 yr old could look at my account and see that I could have easily completed the event with ease and should have earned all shards. I cant believe a company that is in partnership with Disney would treat their customers this way. I am only looking for what I am owed, the 10 missing Death Trooper shards. I love the game and want to keep playing, but right now I feel cheated with no resolution. I demand some follow up on this and will go as high as I need to to get it. I have spent thousands of dollars on this game and want what is owed to me.

Username: Zwerin
Player ID: VOoWUUI9RnC54jFwXed3CQ
Platform: IOS

Thank you,

Alan Zwerin
Ph [protected]
Email: [protected]

Jan 28, 2017

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