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Duracell / duracell ballery leakage

India Review updated:
I have purchased Duracell batteries in a 6 AA size batteries pack. The price of these batteries is more than 3 times as compared to normal batteries. But i bought these batteries for my digital camera thinking that it will last long. But hardly after 25-30 shots first 2 batteries got exhausted. Second 2 batteries exhausted even before 25 shots. I inserted the last 2 batteries, and shot 2-3 photographs and kept the camera at home. After 15-17 days when i tried to click photo, camera was not operating. When i checked, i found that one of the batteries have got leaked.

I have never expected this kind of problem in Duracell at least. Very bad quality batteries i got for a very costly price.

If somebody has any information on how to approach the company, pls guide.

Vikas Gupta


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  26th of Jan, 2009
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They used to be very good batteries. For the last year however the batteries have leaked, and ruined several pieces of expensive equipment.
Most of the bad ones have a date of 2012 to 2013. I don't know what they have changed but, I can no longer recommend or buy them anymore. Maybe for a flashlight you don't care about anymore.
I've been a Duracell fan for 20 years because of quality. This last year after 5 destroyed pieces of equipment, with batteries that were only a couple of months old. I may as well switch to another brand. Even the ones from the dollar store, don't mess up that bad!
  26th of Jan, 2009
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Not crazy about all the registration, To much information I have to give to register a complaint.
  26th of Jan, 2009
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OH ! that's the way this board works.
Good board.
Confusing, It keeps coming up, like I posted wrong... Oh well it's out there anyway.
  21st of Jan, 2010
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jus what has happpened to the duracell batteries. they used to be so gud..now they hardly last 5 to 10 shot in my digital camera?????someone help!!
  14th of Oct, 2010
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I have 20 of the Duracell Rechargeable batteries and all of them are no good! The batteries only hold a charge in my wireless mouse for less than (1) hour. Also one of my chargers no longer works. In total I have over $100.00 in products that are of no use what so ever. Needless to say I have reverted back to useing regular batteries. I would never recomend Duracells rechargeable products to anyone!
  24th of Nov, 2010
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I had purchased 4 No of AAA Duracell batteries last month and i was using them into computer keyboard. today my keyboard was not working and when i removed batteries one of from 2 was leakage from bottom and now from leakage my keyboard is damaged and not working, this happned 2 times to me...it is batter to use indian brand than this expensive one...
  24th of Feb, 2011
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durcell almost ruined my flashlight that had forever iwill never buy them again
  12th of Mar, 2013
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main bilkul aapse sahmat hoon duracell aaa se mera costly torch bhi bekaar ho gaya--company ko complaint karne ka bhi koi fayda nahi hua.--shekhar banerji, advocate, allahabad-mob-09415-800146---bumba1967@gmail.com
  27th of Dec, 2016
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I also have leakage from DURACELL batteries, One is in an UN-opened rezor GILETTE, VERY EXPENSIVE, and in my Mini-Max flashlight. BOTH LEAKED BADLY, Also in my Freon detector, which ruined the battery contacts, These batteries are VERY OVER-PRICED for what they are.
The dates on the batteries in question, are still in the future, I guess they figure as to how many they sell, that they do NOT care if some of them,
or ALL of them LEAK.!
  27th of Jun, 2017
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they used to be very good battery but I had them ruin 4 d cell flashlight as well a smoke alarm 2 battery clock 1 radio and my alarm sensor
I even send some of the item back to Duracell and NEVER HEAR BACK from them
I look on a new box and the address is not on the box any more so I can not send back a box or bad battery
I do not buy Duracell any more

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