Dunkin' Donuts / the people that work at dunkin

I go to dunkin everyday like 4 times a day i live in brattleboro Vermont's. There cupple people . named. Maria vargas. Amy mispel an a guy named tony. For one any mispel is strung out on drugs an her an maria spit in my coffee this morning or put sonething in it to make me feel sick i get same thing everytine i go there an get a donut for my son . maria will start speaking spanish an run her mouth. Amy gave me nasty rotten coffee i spen alot of money at dunkin im not happy this has been going on for a while now . someone needs to do something. Theres never donuts the hole crew is horrable everyone them r on drugs thy really need to drug test everyone in that building including the manager

Mar 15, 2017

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