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On 1/10/17 @ 6:30 PM I went into the Higganum, for a cup of coffee. Although the lobby closes at 8:00 PM all of the furniture was pushed to the sides and the floor had been mopped. (This wasn't just mopping up some snow .) It was nearly impossible to sit down without having to move the furniture myself. The next thing I saw was the worst. An employee was sitting on the counter, the inside pick up counter, with no shoes on.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Higganum, CT She was texting and she was sitting sideways with her rear end and stocking feet on the counter. I'm sure that there had to be a manager there. Is this how employees are trained? This type of thing is not at all unusual for this particular store. I found it pretty unbelievable behavior and not an employee batted an eye. I would very much like to have a response to my query.

Thank you for your attention to this matter

Jan 11, 2017
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