Dunkin Donuts / poor quality of donuts

United States

I have fond memories of biting into freshly in-store made donuts from dunkin donuts. This was back in the day when dunkin's catch phrase was "time to make the donuts," and a tired baker/store owner had to leave his house in the wee hours of the morning to actually make donuts in his store, in time for the morning rush! Each store made its own donuts all day long, so that no matter what time of day or night you made the trip to dunkin (I think "it's worth the trip" was one of their mottos too?) you were assured that 1. The store still had your favorite kind of donut; and 2.. It was fresh, soft, and delicious!!! Now that the donuts are shipped into each location from god knows where, buying a donut from dunkin is a total crap shoot! You never know if they are going to be "sold out" of the kind you want and when you get it, way more often than not, you are going to bite into a not-so-fresh-definitely-not-very-soft or sometimes down right stale donut!! Every one in a blue moon, by purely lucking into arriving just after the store has received its daily shipment, I will be lucky enough to bite into a "winner," but this more often than not, I just say, "oh well... At least the iced coffee is good." too bad dunkin sacrificed its donuts to concentrate on the coffee.

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