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Management for stores located on Neil Street in Champaign IL : The manager bullies and slanders the employees in front of customers. Yelling and screaming at them when customers are in the store. State they have complaints when they do not, accuses and seeks to embarrass employees with lies. Most of the mistakes are made by the manager who does not own up to her mistakes or make apologies to her customers for her errors. Manager is rude to customers in the drive up lanes.

Nov 02, 2015
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  • Ma
      Feb 17, 2016

    Feb 17, 2016, I went to Dunkin Donuts on 34th st; 51 East 34th st New York, NY 10016. There employees are very disrespectful, and doesn't understand customers. I asked for a medium macchiato and had to repeat myself 3 times, the male that I was taking my order wasn't even a cashier and just keep yelling his uniform shirt was brown no name tag displayed. I then went to the cashier to complete my order and pay, this guy said something to the cashier in there language and they both laugh. IT IS INAPPROPRIATE FOR THE STAFF TO BE SO DISRESPECTFUL TO CUSTOMERS. I said to him are you talking about me, the cashier became all red and nervous and stated not to bother. I made it clear that its disrespectful to speak about customers especially in another language and didn't realize that I understood each and every word he said. I strongly suggest to meet with your staff and let them know that. I stated, I can no longer continue with my order, the other cashier was apologizing after I mentioned that I will be reporting this matter and request to continue with my order. I couldn't continue with my order after this incident, would you?

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  • Be
      Nov 03, 2016

    It seems it is the same if not all but most dunkin donut places. I do have the same treatment at Donkin in Bolingbrook, IL 60440 located at the corner of Boughton and Pinecrest.
    I refuse to walk in Dunkin Donuts coffee shop, even thogh I got hooked with their coffee for the last 22 years, until I deliver my complaints and get a respond from the management. I've been told that is unthinkable but still I will hold on my decision.
    Ben Araya

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  • An
      Dec 09, 2016

    Management is worse than employees, I treat EVERY customer with the utmost respect. Starting with a hello, "how are you doing today?" "How can I help you today?" I repeat the order back, I tell them their total, accept their money, give them and tell them their change, followed by asking if they'd like a receipt or not (if they do, I mention the survey and free donut). I make them their order, I ask them how it is and if they need anything else of anything, to let me know. When they say it's good, I tell them to have a great day, to stay safe, and to stay warm (it's winter). And this is MY dunkin donuts customer service. Quick, efficient, and the whole time with a big smile plastered onto my face. I know I have no place apologizing for other employees and management, but everytime I read complaints all I can think of is, "I'm so sorry for your expirience and I wish you all could come to my store sometime so I can show you what REAL customer service should look like :)

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