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Good day,

I bought Dunkin donuts from ur N1 city store in cape town, when I got there I asked them for the mothers day special. After the cash took my payment. She then told me they had limited stock as well as they had no coffee​ to give me with the donuts. I then asked well cant you make and the women said no we cant sorry.
So I took the donuts I chose ( not the ones I wanted) and went home. When we got home, 3 of the donuts we ordered was hard and VERY stail... the other 3 were ok but not fresh. We are regular customers at ur n1 city branch and this is not the first time they havent had coffee and once again limited stock...

Im really disgusted and would like some feed back as to why the service and product in this store SUX.


May 06, 2017

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