Dunkin' Brands / no wi-fi service - 2 yrs of complaints - just had it!

3455 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City, MD, United States
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3455 baltimore national pike,
Ellicott city, md

For the past 2 years I have been and other have been complaining to management that the wi-fi service is not operational, but all we get is 'really?' type response... so I am asking for the owner of the store to step up and keep his patriots happy by installing a new wi-fi router... the owner simply procrastinates all repair work.. no matter what it is, it takes forever to be fact we as the patrons think it is funny, and now are taking guesses on how long it will take something to be repaired. if you go to other local coffee shops the first thing you will notice is there are many people sitting using their laptops - not at this shop, because people now know there there is no wi-fi - and it is hopeless complaining to the management; why bother, nothing ever gets done. owner needs to placed on-notice for he is becoming a joke now with the patrons. another example, is that one of the 3 front access doors has been of out-of-operation now for nearly 4 weeks... this is something that could be repaired very easily within in a couple of days - but oh no not at this store. we (the patrons) are taking estimates among ourselves that it will take 10-14 weeks to repair. the owner is all about putting money in his own pocket rather than making the customers happy... all the table tops 'wobble' and someday their will be a lawsuit filed against the store because hot coffee stilled on a patron; nearly happened over a week ago... a patron was mad because he spilt coffee on himself because the table top wobbled... the only table that does not wobble is the 'handicap table' which is secured to the floor, and by the way does not have a handicap label on it (it used to). the annoying part is, you find handicap people need to sit at that table and have to use a wobbly table because their handicap table is being occupied. shameful to be honest. management not paying attention to customers comfort and safety. patron should not have to complain about these issues, management should take care of the matter in an expedition manner.. the owner is clearly at fault. please please see what you can do to at least get this issues repaired and have a new wi-fi router installed - keep the customers happy!

May 5, 2017

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