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Everett, MA, United States

Dunkin Donuts on 524 Broadway in Everett Ma is terrible! The management and staff do not value customer service. I pulled up to the drive through window on 6/13/17. I ordered a English muffin and a medium hot tea(extra cream and two sugars). When I pulled up to the window, I was told that my total was $3.58. I handed the employee $5.00 and proceeded to tell her that I had change. She was not paying attention and cashed me out without taking the change. When I asked her to take the change she told me that she could not because she had already cashed me out and there was a line behind me. I was livid because of the following:
1. She was not paying attention
2. She was rushing me through the line and was not concerned about providing good customer service(a small argument erupted)
3. She was very rude and proceeded to argue with me instead of taking my change and giving me two single dollar bills
4. She called her manager over who proceeded to silence me instead and trying to figure out what the issue was
5. She then handed me a cup of tea with no sugar and a dirty cup cover. When I asked for a clean cup cover, she replaced it with another dirty top. I had to ask a third time for a clean cup cover. Mean while customers are behind me waiting to receive their portion of terrible service

Each time I visit this Dunkin Donuts, the experience is always bad. They never make the orders correctly and very rarely provide napkins. On several occasions, I sat at the drive through intercom for 3-5 minutes before anyone answered to take my order. The truth of the matter is that with business from MBTA employees and the Casino Workers, Dunkin Donuts would have very little business. However, myself and many of my coworkers will now be avoiding this place like the plague! It's almost as if they don't train their employees. Management and staff should never argue with a customer; it's really bad for business. The manager on duty was a Hispanic male, and he's horrible. I have to blame him for his staff's behavior because management dictates how a store is run.

Terribly Disappointed

Jun 13, 2017

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