DUcharge for termination without my consent

I am sending this email as calling the customer service number more then 20 times has not been of any helping.

I went into a Du store to buy a phone. I did not buy a phone as the prices were so high. On my next bill I found a charge for 1000 AED for early termination of my contract. I DID NOT ask to terminate any contract in fact I am still a customer. I did not even know that my contract had been updated until I got the bill.

I immediately called and raised a complaint. The customer service attendants keep telling me that I will get a call back in 2 hours. When 2 hours pass and I didn't get a call, I call back and again they tell me they have sent emails and escalated, and guaranteed that I will get a call in 2 hours or the next day. I still have not gotten a call and this has been happening for over 10 says with the same spin repeating.

I cannot get any clear information except from an employee named Ekshan that on the system it says that I initiated the termination and the charges are valid. Since I did not initiate any termination or upgrade or anything of the like, I could not be more unhappier with my experience with Du after being a loyal Talk/Surf/Watch/Mobile customer for 7 years.

I have sent this same email to the UAE and Dubai authorities as well as the Gulf News as Du staff don't seem to care.

I am writing to you as a last attempt to seek justice and correct what seems to be the actions of an incompetent store staff.

Nov 28, 2018

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