Dreams / wrong bed/ service

United Kingdom

Order number 244B741 Placed 15th Jan 2012 to be delivered mid Feb: got a call two days later trying to deliver it so booked it for the 15th Feb. No bed arrived rang up and got told do not have stock any more and no more until March 6th I rang store who tell me they have rang and got a delivery for the 23rd feb. guess what NO bed arrives so second day off work. I ring again and they say bed not in stock so best is 13th March again I ring store and customer services who say we can get one for Saturday 3rd March but i must pay the balance now. I did that and guess what NO bed arrives I ring customer services again and they say no stock is in delivery will be 13th March. Guess what bed arrives but it is in BLACK not Ivory as ordered!!! I ring customer services and get told they cannot collect and bring correct deb until 19th March I now get a call on the 17th saying cannot change it until 31st March as no stock. Are you all trained to lie!!! or just do not know what is going on. I am going to watchdog, trading standards if this is not sorted straight away as we have been messed around long enough.

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