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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

Dreams Ltd.

Knaves Beech Ind Estate Loudwater
High Wycombe
England, Buckinghamshire
United Kingdom - HP10 9QY

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+44 344 292 0000(Customer Service) 10 11
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Dreams Complaints & Reviews

Dreams / alexander sk tv bed oatmeal (solid slats)

Oct 01, 2019

Hello, Today I received my order (316A000454) I would like to say first that I am very satisfied with the service of the gentlemen who arrived to assemble my bed, very polite and professional. Now, when purchasing this bed in store we had to extensive pitch by Ian, who answered all of...

Dreams / mattress

Aug 16, 2019

Our 30 day comfort exchange guarantee was refused on the agreed exchange date by the delivery crew saying that there are two marks on the mattress, which was made by the factory putting plastic tags in mattress( what I proved in emailed pictures). As soon as I did it, I got the answer that...

Dreams / comfort exchange offer not being met

Aug 09, 2019

Order no: 319A009673 Our 30 day comfort exchange guarantee was refused on the agreed exchange date by the delivery crew saying that there a mark on the mattress when there was no visible mark at all on the mattress. The attitude of the driver or Crew member ( Brendan) on the day, 8th of...

Dreams / 071a015961

May 29, 2019

The lifting arm broke and was reported 21/3. I have rung regularly to chase up the necessary part only to be told each time we expecting delivery at the end of the week . 2 months later still no sign I am paying for a bed that isn't fully functioning. I am promised phone calls they never...

Dreams Store in Uddingston / air bed

Dec 18, 2018

Bought the air bed from Dreams store in Uddingston August 2018 just for occasional use for Guests bed was alright till November then started to continually lose air so if anyone was staying the bed had to be continually pumped up during the night which is no good Firstly complained to...

Dreams / 2 mattresses purchased

Aug 10, 2018

Having spent just over £1, 700 on a bed & mattress for my son & a Kingsize mattress for ourselves I am left deflated with the quality of the 2 mattresses. My sons is a memory foam one & the chemical smell has overpowered our home 🤮 & our medium tension mattress is like sleeping on a lump of...

Dreams / not got refund for return items order number-888d878854

Jul 06, 2018

I have ordered the bed, pillow, mattress protector, mattress. Firstly, pillow and matters protectors delivered early than planned when i was not even moved in to place. Luckily previous tenant kept it for me. I returned the extra pillows and Matters protectors that i ordered mistakenly on 01/06...

Dreams / mattress

Jun 08, 2018

We bought a mattress from Dreams in Guildford in December 2017. It was a firm mattress which cost approx £200. For the past couple of months both myself and partner have been getting really bad backs something we never had before. It's worse for my fiancée as she is unable to sleep properly...

Dreams / delivery, repeated errors and shocking service

Mar 29, 2018

My 86 year old father paid about £1200 for new bed, they delivered wrong mattress twice depth. Due to the height and mobility issues he struggled to get in and out bed. Dreams could not deliver correct one fir THREE weeks. Excellent salesman arranged delivery in 4 days... total 2 weeks my...

Dreams / un organised after sales team

Nov 07, 2017

We ordered Bed & mattress by paying more than £1000 K. When we went to store we specifically said that my wife is 9 month pregnant & we need order to come in properly.. They promised to deliver all by 07.11.2017 . And today they are saying that they can't fix my bed as the fixing screwdriver...

Dreams / it's awful!!!

Nov 01, 2017

This company is a complete mess. I ordered Doze Luxe Pocket Sprung Mattress - Medium Soft 400 £ worth. Its delivery was immediately scheduled and I was happy about it. "What a fast work!" I thought. I took a day off at work. At 2 pm they called me and said that the delivery was delayed, a...

Dreams / zen mattress purchased with 10 years guarantee

Jul 07, 2017

I bought zen mattress with 10 years extra protection Price plus insurace paid £1100 in 2011. After 3 years of use we found out mattress was sinking in and springs in the mattress were causing us discomfort. In the last few months my wife and I began to suffer from back pain and felt the...

Dreams / misleading advertising

Jun 22, 2017

I ordered a tempur bed from Dreams which arrived today.I paid £40 more for the same mattress from Bensons for Beds but did so as I could get it as a package with a nice bed from dreams for £1740.It arrived and had no headboard.When I spoke to customer service they told me I would have to buy...

Dreams / duty manager shocking behaving

May 22, 2017

I went today 22.05.2017 around 4.00 pm to Western Avenue Dream store to change a bed cover and I end up collapsing in the store as the duty manager truly abuse me. I never been bully in my life but today I felt that the manager of that store she truly treated me with disrespect to the...

Dreams / order 120a011967

May 02, 2017

This order was delivered to my Mum on 12th April. Unfortunately the delivery men could not get it upstairs and it was returned to Furmanac for knock down. I asked at the time if I needed to contact yourselves but was told no that they would sort it and it would be delivered again in 2-3...

Dreams / treatment at workplace

Apr 25, 2017

I work for the delivery team as a Temp(through GAP personnel) and have been left feeling victimized by the Cardiff Dreams depo. I was guaranteed work last week but because of manager incompetence and HER idle openess to allow drivers to freely select their Temps i was forced out of the...

Dreams / bed frame and customer service.

Feb 16, 2017

I bought a bed from Dreams in Basingstoke. Told the woman that sold it to me that we had a small Victorian terrace and needed storage. We looked at the ottoman bed and she suggested we get that and pay for it to be made up. Well it turned up in 2 massive pieces that clearly wouldn't go up...

Dreams / do not buy a bed in store - cannot cancel afterwards

Feb 02, 2017

Do not buy a bed in store as under the t&c you cannot cancel and they will charge you £100's if you do. Try their beds in store and waste their salesmans time but only buy online from them as you are protected by distance selling regulations. Personally I would never buy from this company...

Dreams / bed and service

Jan 17, 2017

I orderd a tv bed in the shop the asstiant said it could not be delivered 4 doors up from the finance holder. The asstiant said the bed was not heavy. In which the bed was very heavy and had to pay someone to take the bed up 4 doors. We was willing to pay for assembly but yet again we...

Dreams / mattress

Jan 09, 2017

I bought the mattress from dreams in charlton, woolwich rd, on the basis on the 2nd of jan, (My order no. Is 295a0100) that it would be delivered on the 7th, and it was confirmed by phone, I waited in all day saturday, but it never arrived. I paid £449 in cash in store. I wanted a full...

Dreams / refund and faulty goods

Jan 08, 2017

DreamsDreams beds put together our bed and it was faulty due to poor fitting. We paid the store to fit the bed. An engineer confirmed this snd sent a report to the store confirming it. We Tried to get a refund and told we had to pay them.20% of the cost for a refund and we should read the fine...

Dreams / withholding of deposit

Jan 03, 2017

I went into dream's in aberdeen looking to purchase a bed that day. The salesmen said I would need to wait up to a week for the bed to be delivered but no later. I placed a deposit on the bed as I was willing to wait a week for the bed but I was assured it would be no later as I had...

Dreams / marked mattress

Nov 30, 2016

Mattress delivered, not checked by delivery men as they put it on the bed in the plastic. Mark so feint on the corner I did not notice when removing the plastic. When we asked for another under the 40 night guarantee they refused saying we had marked the mattress. Stuck with mattress I...

Dreams / mattress

Nov 10, 2016

Dreams publish a returns policy prominently on their website. When I tried to use it, they did not want to know. They sent a representative to visit me who told me that head office had approved the return and gave me a number to call to make arrangements. The call centre just block you...

Dreams / mattress / no delivery

Oct 07, 2016

I ordered a Mattress online from Dreams on 30th September for £530.00 and was given a delivery date of 7th October. I received a large green bag to wrap the old mattress for recycling, I paid £39.00 for the service. My wife took the day off for the delivery on the 7th October, we wrapped the...

Dreams / tempur comfort pillow

Jun 08, 2016

Absolutely the worst retailer I have ever dealt with and moving in the lines of the illegal. I was mis-sold a very expensive Tempur "comfort" pillow at the Finchley Central store. This pillow not only did not shape to the shape of my neck and was uncomfortable but gave me very bad...

Dreams / delivery and no communication, customer service not available and form support is not helpful

Apr 07, 2016

Ordered bed January 16th 2016. Found address, helpful store team. Changed delivery date on 9th Feb due to work travel Reset date 11th March. Dreams Customer service emailed to say can not deliver on 11th March, bed is out of stock, pending a deliver. Reset date to 2 April I called the...

Dreams / delivery /damage

Feb 19, 2016

DreamsAt the beginning of December 2015 we received delivery of our double sofa bed. The delivery men assessed where the bed had to go and said there wasn't a problem. After two attempts to get it up the stairs they gave up and said we would have to get something smaller. Not happy with their...

Dreams / double mattress/ripped off

Feb 03, 2016

Took my Disabled mum who's in wheelchair to buy a new double mattress for her Adjustable bed which cost around £750, told them we wanted a mattress exactly like the last one which was a Neptune medium, they said the bounty was the same just changed the name, they said the Bounty was for...

Dreams / maidstone store employee neriman

Dec 12, 2015

Wait for 15 days to be delivered a sofa, they left the sofa in another house and I need to go back to the store, since I havent received the sofa, so this employee inform me about the delivery, and she was rude rude rude, and then told me the sofa was left in another house and I need to go...

Dreams / heamingway adjustable bed and sleepeezee mattress.

Dec 08, 2015

I purchased a Heamingway adjustable bed with a Sleepeezee mattress, a few nights later I found that they had fitted the bed the wrong way round. A few days later some one came round to put the bed the right way round. I then noticed that the electrical control unit was not right, when the...

Dreams / delivered before due date then delayed

Oct 20, 2015

Mr M Lara order number 240A008111 we ordered on the 29/09/2015 2 adjustable beds, they then arrived on the 10/10/2015 without notice. when the driver knocked he said i have 2 beds for you i said just headboards he said no all of the 2 beds our room was not empty because we were not told...

Dreams / rude delivery men

May 14, 2015

very rude on the telephone call driver said jesus christ i have said hello five times when mention denied it, also paid extra for unpacking and to carry the mattress upstairs just shoved the mattress at me and went off had to finished the job myself never will i buy anything from dream...

Dreams / providing the wrong parts

Jan 23, 2015

We ordered a Hempstead bed which was delivered on the 15th October 2014. My partner put the bed together only to find out that the panels for the draw was wrong. He ordered for the correct part to come so that our bed could be completed. Three months later we are still waiting for thi...

Dreams / delivery is pathetic

Oct 30, 2014

What a bad delivery company tie up I have ordered my dream bed in, the Berkeley Black and walnut along with 2 bedside tables. After 30 days of wait, I got a call from the delivery company (DandI Solutions - so called world class deivery and assembling) on one friday and said it...

Dreams / refund on purchase

Dec 08, 2013

We ordered a bed and mattress on 30th November 2013 in store and had it delivered. The bed we chose was brown but our order and receipt was an ivory frame and headboard. The next day we contacted the store to be told to contact customer services. Customer Services then told us to contact...

Dreams / broken bed

Jul 11, 2013

Bed purchased from Dreams not two years old base on right hand side has caved in. Given that the bed cost nearly a thousand pounds that we are a retired couple so the bed has not been misused. I feel the bed was quite expensive for inferior quality manufacturing with no sight of a resolve in how to get the base replaced.

Dreams / order that was purchased

May 22, 2013

I purchased a luciaa brown bed from dreams on thee 4the march, thee bed was IN STOCK when I ordered and paid for it, and got a delivery date of thee 25the march, I went in to thee shop in southeampton and informed theem theat thee sale of thee new house was delayed and could I change thee...

Dreams / failure to deliver on time

Feb 22, 2013

We ordered a tempur mattress at the end of December, I received a text message informing me that the mattress would arrive in mid January, this proved to be incorrect, the store told me that the texts were not applicable to northern Scotland. Proceeded to arrange a delivery date of the...

Dreams / mattress

Feb 09, 2013

Dreams, Thank u for your phone call, your shop did not tell me I had to wait 30 days for an exchange, I was told by your salesman I could exchange it straight away as I told them about my bad back, as I normally have a pocket sprung bed, as I know it is best for my sciatica. The salesman told...