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I ordered a headboard which failed to turn up in 4 weeks as indicated on the invoice (It did turn up on the 30th day with the wrong size though). The branch sales people were most unhelpful. When asked for a refund, they said that I had to phone up the Customer Service Dept. After waiting for over 20 mins on a 0870 number, the customer adviser simply asked me to confirm the cancellation in writing and they would only refund if the goods don't turn up in the next 14 days. This must be my worst customer experience with a public company!


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Apr 09, 2018 2:31 pm EDT

I am having trouble at the moment. My day bed collapsed on the second day when my adult daughter sat on it. The plastic clips don't keep the slats in. They just fall out. I rang and they sent more slats and plastic clips. I rang today as it has collapsed twice more on me too. Apparently i have to wait for the manufacturer to send someone to inspect it. Meanwhile I will just have to keep picking myself back up when it falls through. I am really disappointed and frustrated and done know how long till they send someone and even then I will have to wait while they decide whether its a fault etc

Sep 26, 2012 3:43 am EDT

Bought 2 beds on 27/08/2012, one of which was a TV bed. We were informed that it could be delivered within 2 weeks and that someone would call us the following day with a delivery date. 2 weeks later, after several phone calls, I went back to the store to ask for a delivery date and experienced the worst customer service I have ever known. The saleswoman was rude and sarcastic and still could not give me a date. My partner went to the store later that day to see the manager, who explained that there must have been a misunderstanding in my earlier visit! No apology was offered. He said he would chase the date and call in a day or two. 4 days later, still nothing so i called him, to be told he'll call me back! This time he did, and informed me the beds would be delivered on 25th sept (over 4 weeks since purchase). The beds arrived on 25th, but the TV for TV bed was smashed and the inner shelf was broken. I had to cal the shop to advise, no apology offered, i asked when a replacement would be sent and was told they didnt know! He would have to call customer service and call me back.When he did, i was informed that their system was still showing the order as 'in transit' and nothing could be done until the following day.
I called customer service myself, told the same 'in transit' thing, when i said i am the customer and i'm telling you that the goods are faulty i was told 'its not like i'm asking you to wait weeks and weeks, we will sort it tomorrow!' Not what i call customer service!
I called on 26th, to be told that it would be at least 2 weeks before a replacement could be sent out and someone would call 2 days before to confirm the date! Not happy with this or with the attitude from the majority of the staff, i emailed dreams customer service. I then called them back and spoke to a manager, who said he couldnt do anything about the timescale but could offer compensation...BUT he couldnt discuss it until after the replacement had been received, so i should call back then! Poor, poor, poor! I informed him that I would contact Trading Standards and let them know about Dreams lack of ability to provide goods that were fit for purpose (which i have done). I also emailed dreams again to update them on my action and request a call from someone who could discuss the matter now, not in 2 weeks time! So, I will have to wait and see if that call happens, if not then I intend to call back and have them come and pick up both beds and refund my money.

I will never use this company again, poor service and poor products.

Feb 04, 2013 6:44 am EST
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Purchased a king size bed and bunk beds on the 26th Dec 2012 (order no 188A001070) from Dreams Feltham branch and was scheduled to be delivered on 19th Jan 2013. However on 19th they call us saying they cant do the delivery and now will only be done on 26th Jan, which is was unacceptable to us. We reached out to their HO and customer services and the store manager, and were promised delivery on 23rd Jan. This again didnt happen and finally the consignment reached on 25th Jan.
When delivered it was missing several items like the RHS base plank of the king bed and both the single mattresses for the bunk bed. Our several complaints and calls and emails havent been able to elicit a response from them.. Extremely poor customer services. We even got an automated response for our emails promising a call back with 48 hours yet, it looks like the 48 hours are not applicable to them. I am now tired of writing to them and would look to approaching the competent authorities to get this matter addressed and resolved on priority. Deplorable service standards and absolutely no quality checks before the deliveries are made.

May 13, 2009 4:17 am EDT

dreams more like nightmares this company is a disgrace.orderd new bed frame on the 8th jan 09 told it would take about 3 wks for delivery as it was a new line of bed .3 wks came no call about delivery .i phoned myself got told there was a delay was expecting my bed in another 2 wks .still no sign phoned again got told the beginning of march .still no sign of bed i was doing all the chasing finally got all date for bed 23rd of april. dreams phoned night before delivery to tell bed was not coming as it had been damaged in shipment but was informed all beds where made in britian .by this time was getting f off got letter informing me not to worry if bed did not have same name on it cause they had to source it from another supplier but not to worry cause i was actually recieving a better finish and better quality of bed but its the same bed just a different name are they really thick or what .well anyway finally got bed on 12 may to top it all of got wrong slats customer services totally shocking tould me i would have to pay £30 for other slats and £30 delivery why this is there fault .ask to speak to a manager got tould no .phoned shop there were totally useless wasted 30 min on there customers service line that costs a bomb stll got no where this company i s disgracful so be warned do not go to dreams as you will end up with one big nightmare ahhh.

Aug 08, 2012 10:28 am EDT

I ordered a bed from dreams on 4th June 2012 to be delivered on 19th July
28th June I received phone call saying cannot deliver will have to be another time and will give £100 in dreams Vouchers when delivery made.
I asked for this to be confirmed in email which I did receive, bed had now dropped price by £310 and since I'm now reordering I should pay that price
I was told I would have to contact customer services.
3 days later countless emails and phone messages sent and no reply
I went back to showroom and got them to ring through which they did quite easily,
Ended asking to speak to manager who told me he couldn't help me and he was going to put phone down on me as I was being abusive. He subsequently changed his mind on that when he found out I was in a dream stores talking in front of other staff and they confirmed and told him that there had been no abusive language throughout the whole phone conversation
In the long run I got the £310 of the bed I wanted ordered another that I needed and had got money of that as well.
Organised to be delivered on 2nd August. On that day the second bed I had ordered turned up but bed I ordered on 4th june didn't . Have left messages and emails again and 6 days later still no one has been in touch. So moral of the story is don't buy from Dreams they will give you nightmares

Jul 18, 2012 8:27 am EDT

I had order a bed from dreams, thiught it was cheap. Bed was not deleivered on the day it was suppossed to be delivered, missed work. Finally bed arrived. I thought it would be easy to fix the bed and dreams provide me all the tools that i would need to fix it. But It seems it needed a drill to have the nails sorted. Borrowed a nail driller to have it done. Once the bed frame was fitted, I relaized the bed slats that they provided was wrong size. Two weeks now, trying to sort this out, endless calls to the worst customer dept in the world. without a bed, they suggested me that i use the incorrect size slats and see if i can use the bed, feel like crying. just lost th will. I wish someone could help. I hope this review will help people to rehtink twice before you book a bed from dreams. the worst customer service dept ever...

Feb 17, 2012 10:51 am EST
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Order & paid for a memory foam mattress over £1000 on 11/12/11 to be delivered on 22/11/11 they rang up to arrange delivery then 10 minutes later rang back to cancel out off stock, after many phone calls which (cost over £6) through January into February we demanded our money back which we got on 15/02/12 minus £19 for a teddy bear they gave when buying the mattress.
When phoning up if you get an answer we got told its on its way they will ring to arrange delivery they did not they never comunicated any information to us .So I would not recommend this company to any one, we incurred phone charges & cost of a Gift plus they had our money for two months interest free.

Aug 07, 2012 1:54 pm EDT

Brought a single divan from dreams fort daughter with a 10 year garentee, 3years on the bar was so loose no1coloud sleep in the whole house due to the horrific sqeeles occouring all night when my daughter moved. She is 9years of age and weighs 6stone, I called dreams who told me they might be able to send out a engineer depending on the questions I answered. I was then put on hold by the customer service advisor then the call was cut off. I then had to call again and was told that I never purchased a bed from dreams! I was very frustrated and was told a surveyer would be sent out yo ### the damage. The person they sent out arrived at the correct time and was surprising helpful unlike the rest of dreams employees. He told me there was also a unacceptable dip in the matress. I received a letter from dreams 3 weeks later which stated I should visit my local dreams, pick a bed and call them which I did. I was told I could not have that bed after being on the phone for 2hours of being on hold. I was told id have to pay £200 of my own money and dreams would only be accountable for £50. So much for the £45 10year garentee! I paid for the mattress and base it took 3 months for a matress to arrive and a further 4months the for the base to arrive. Not to mention the phone bill having to call dreams an chase up where my goods where. I'm sorry my story is so lo g but I wanted people to knw the full extent of my experince. By the wag the base that arrived today is missing a drawer even though I paid for a base with a drawer. Please never shop with dreams even though the advertise so much they are absolutely terrible at providing a bed to their customer on time or even the right bed. My daughter is 9 and now is suffering from Syatica. NEVER BUY A BED A FROM DREAMS!

Dec 30, 2013 8:07 am EST

spent over 1500 on mattress and bed around two years ago, shortly after getting the mattress it was faulty the latex topper came away and the bed dipped servery on both sides, the only way to describe how it felt to sleep in was you felt you had to constantly hold yourself in a position as to not end up rolling out of bed, we had a technician who said after 6 months the dipping in the mattress was acceptable, it was 2mm off the 40mm tolerance! after spending nearly £900 on a mattress we were not happy. about 6 month after this we ended up with bad backs in the morning and decided again to get a technician to look at it . the result was it was now at 70mm both sides and the topper had delaminated / come away from the bed and was rendered faulty so rather than replace the bed for like for like we decided to get an equivalent bed by another make rather than dreams own brand but we were told that in the two years the price of our bed had gone up and the equivalent in the other make, so to cut it short to have the mattress we wanted it would cost an extra 450 - 500 quid more, even though the difference on the internet between our mattress and the one we wanted was 230 - 250 quid which we explained we were prepared to pay however we were told only like for like would be offered or an extra 500 to get the mattress we wanted. again not happy but we have opted to get like for like and sell it for what ever we can and do some homework on who to trust to buy from instead of trusting what i thought to be a trust worthy company DREAMS!. WE FEEL RIPPED OFF AND THAT WE BOUGHT A PRODUCT NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE AND HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE SAME UNFIT PRODUCT IN REPLACEMENT AND THEY STILL SELL THIS MATTRESS TO THIS DAY. WE FEEL LET DOWN AND RIPPED OFF. I FOR ONE WILL NEVER BUY FROM DREAMS AGAIN. OH FORGOT EVEN THE BLOODY BEDDING WE BOUGHT FROM THEM WAS FAULTY AND RIPPED DOWN THE SEAMS JUST ANOTHER EXAMPLE.

Jan 15, 2016 4:48 am EST

We purchased a super king bad and mattress in 2012 costing over £2, 500. The handles at the side have split twice now (once fixed under the warranty) as the mattress is just too heavy for the handles when turning etc. The real problem is the comfort of the mattress. It was very comfortable and supportive when we bought it but it has continued to soften until the point it now induces back pain when slept in. We would expect a degree of give but this is ridiculous. We have even put a wooden board under the mattress to give it firmer support than the bed base. We contacted Dreams and, again, they sent out someone to look (extended warranty). They said the mattress was 'within tolerance'. Dreams have consistently failed to display any sort of customer service, their stance being " you could have returned within 30 day " (or however long it is). Other than that there is no concept of customer service or goodwill or anything. However our mattress has been made, its components, materials, construction etc - it just doesn't perform as it should. Shocking product, shocking response from Dreams - never again from such a crap company.

Jan 18, 2017 12:39 pm EST
Replying to comment of Gary Burke

Sorry to hear this, I had a similar problem. Their made up "acceptable tolerances" is a ridiculous way of determining if there's an issue. I've started a campaign to "out" their terrible practices.

twitter: @beds_dreams

Dec 29, 2015 7:21 am EST

I bought a single bed from dreams for my grandson in July 2014 after 18 months it started to fell apart at the base, I got no help from customer Service they did not want to know they should be called nightmare beds not dreams.

Sep 24, 2015 9:34 am EDT

My son in law ordered a bed and mattress also spare mattress for another bed, this was beginning of August. Six weeks later they phoned to say go in and settle the balance as the order was ready which was done and he asked them not to deliver yet as his wife (my daughter) was in hospital. Sadly my daughter died. He asked them to deliver the spare mattress on its own so that we could use it to put some relatives up for the funeral. We were told a load of lies about how they couldn't split the order but if he went in to pay extra delivery charges they would deliver today the 24th Sept. This was paid but no delivery has been made and on phoning have been told that the mattress hasn't even been made and will not be delivered until the 14th October. My daughters funeral is on Monday 28th September, why put us through all this at a time like this, it feels as if they got a kick out of giving us the run around. Shame on them. Don't believe anything they tell you it's all LIES.

Oct 11, 2012 7:41 am EDT
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Open Letter to Dreams Staff, Nick Worthington CEO & Chris Daniel Retail Director; and all the unhappy customers on here so you can see what the store staff have to endure.
From a Dreams Employee

Dear Colleagues,
You may have received recently a memo from Chris Daniel on Performance Management, with a section to sign and send back to head office.
Please do not sign, as this is a change to company policy and procedures, and as so becomes part of your contract. If it is not signed it cannot be enforced, and if directors try to enforce the disciplinary procedure you can sue for breach of contract, or resign and claim constructive dismissal.

Maybe it’s about time that the directors were looked at and put on their own performance management when you look at some of the decisions made in the last 12 months:
1. Change from our own delivery staff to Yodel, undoubtedly the worst delivery company in the UK. The result is late deliveries, missing deliveries, rude and unhelpful delivery drivers, beds arriving damaged, wet or broken, delivery times/dates not kept to.
2. Outsourcing customer service – Result – untrained staff that don’t care, dealing with our customers (when they eventually answer the phone) and offering refunds and money off or not providing a solution – How much did this cost the company? as you soon changed this decision to the following :-
3. Moving customer complaint calls to the store - ? What can we do in store, as the only people that can make the decisions or change something for the customer are all based at head office – so we take the call from the customer, and then spend typically 1 hour trying to call someone at head office to get an answer/solution.
4. How much do you spend on TV adverts and in-store promotion adverts – it is becoming a joke. We cannot say to a customer we have a sale on – We always have a sale on, it is not credible.
5. Commission – we, as sales staff, used to be able to earn a decent wage with our commission, but you have now slashed and cut that and found ways to not pay us with your “performance management” and mystery shop scores. You have taken away any incentive we had for selling – so we won’t “sell” any more, we will just take the order.
6. Chris Daniel - Take a look at your new performance management policy – A rep can actually be put on a disciplinary for selling (because a low value item like a pillow could lower his ATV and his Productivity) If it was me on a Sunday, and I had hit my target for the week, my ATV was above required, and my productivity was above required, I would tell the customer not to buy the pillow. Mr Daniels, I think you need to sit down with a calculator and look at your new policy again.
7. Mystery shops – you must be paying a small fortune every month to people who are only interested in getting paid £7.50 for wandering around a store – you are not getting a true reflection.
8. We now MUST sell an item of furniture a week otherwise we face disciplinary – customers come to our store to buy beds, not overpriced laminated chipboard furniture from the Far East. Are we a bed store or are we a furniture store?
9. Our cancellation and refund rate is escalating – through no fault of ours, the store staff – yet you still increase our targets. How can we hit them with such high cancellation rates?
In summary, we, the store staff, have to put up with constant moving of the goalposts. We all give our best for the customer. When the customer is let down by things outside our control (delivery, customer service, no stock, poor lead times, no communication, no return phone calls, poor quality goods, no replacement parts etc.) you can’t imagine how demoralized we get.
Time and time again I speak to customers who will never buy from us again, you only have to look at forums like these to see things are getting worse and complaints are escalating – I ask you as business men to take a long hard look at yourselves, and ask the question “Do I really know what I’m doing or do I just like the title of Director”
Please do what is right and give us back customer satisfaction and customer service – we do it in the store, it’s now down to the other departments to do it and stop blaming us.

A Dreams Employee

Oct 06, 2012 6:21 am EDT

Purchased a basic double bed on a Monday as I was sleeping on the floor after returning home from overseas. Main support part was missing upon opening pack, I contacted and sales man said 2 - 3 days. I slept on mattress on floor for a week and chased up the missing part.Was advised another 4- 5 days, I am waiting now still nothing... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz dreams are what this company DO not sell.Robert .

Jun 13, 2012 4:22 am EDT
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DREAMS should be renamed to NIGHTMAREs. I have been annoyed, led down, anxious, paranoid, angry, cheated, betrayed, irritated, harassed and left on my own in the end of 5 weeks of my DREAM journey with DREAMS. I have a mattress delivered before the bed. As the 'Berkeley' bed is supplied by the manufactures separately. Berkeley say they can't deliver during the weekend and they can't promise the time slot on week day. On following up with Dreams store, I get a call from dreams customer service [which is a privilege as when you call the Dreams customer service they will never pick up!] the service person tells me: Dreams will get the bed from Berkeley via a courier and then deliver it to me over the weekend BUT I need to pay for the courier additional £80. When I challenged that I did go to a DREAMS store to buy the bed and Berkeley and bought the bed & mattress why do I have to pay for something extra which is your responsibility at the end. I was told sorry we are restricted due to directions...who is running this company and why are they in business still! I am now waiting to hear back from them as I have asked to cancel my order. I am sure its not going to be easy.

May 15, 2012 8:19 pm EDT

Awful awful awful service...Romford Branch, thankfully i only gave a deposit over but I'm struggling to even get this back after i cancelled my order...3-5 days has now turned into 7-10 days "because they are busy"..busy paying everybody's money back because they feel ripped off from this awful company...service cannot talk to sales, cancellation don't talk to anyone..head office wont talk unless your giving them an exorbitante amount in 0870 calls...i would strongly advise anyone to think twice before dealing with this company...very expensive outcomes for little gain...and that's before you even have a problem with your purchase.

May 02, 2012 11:13 pm EDT

People need to start realising the facts that you all only ### about negative things. No one ever puts up a positive notice. Company can't be that bad if they make 20-30million profit a year and win awards n stuff. Well I brought my bed from dreams in Bromley and I couldn't have asked for any better service. There was a young fella who was the assistant manager who's service from start to finish was fantastic. Not only did I get the right bed i got the right day for delivery. On time in the time slot given, built to a professionals standard and old bed taken away. It's about time we wrote compliment and not negative storys. Wonder why the country is in a ressesion cause if there wasn't complaint then there wouldn't be businesses and also I bed everyone with a issue must have been compensated or knocked price down to keep the order.

Either way I would defo use dreams and got there for all future beds.

Apr 17, 2012 9:54 pm EDT

i agree with all these comments they are a totally inadequate company i have been waiting for a problem to be resolved since last August 2011 and it has still not been delt with i a awaiting a refund which i have not had head office are a waste and the managers are all trained by Bill Bull S--t

Apr 10, 2012 8:54 am EDT
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All right, I'll eat my words! Decided to write a formal complaint to Dreams setting out the facts - sent it recorded delivery to the managing director. Within two days I had a telephone call from a very pleasant young lady who totally sympathised with the situation and offered to waive all charges instantly! She also told me that if we wished to re-order another bed she would personally take over the transaction to ensure all goes smoothly. It would appear that maybe the people at the top don't know how badly their salesmen are behaving;so I suggest everyone now writes to the managing director also, it may just be the answer. Good luck everyone.

Apr 09, 2012 5:32 pm EDT
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I ordered a Tempur Mattress 3 weeks ago. Our contrat has 2 pages. The saler showed us the first page with the total price -¨£2449 - and a £92 discount we had not asked for to compensate the delivery charge - £37 - and the 10 Year Guarantee - £55.
We thank him and he went to the 2nd page of the contract, the small prints, and he highlighted in yellow "The Comfort Exchange Guarantee" which was supposed to allow us to return the mattress after 30 days if not comfy.
He went back to the first page and ask my husband to sign. But there was small prints of the first page too specifying "Please note that any discount will invalidate your Comfort Exchange Guarantee".
I noticed it 27 hrs later and couldn't cancel the order anymore, exactly as Norfolkgal explained.
After 3 failed delivery attempts, we received the mattress and it's a nightmare, it's impossible to sleep in it. We were both so in pain that we had to pick-up our old mattress from the garden shed in the middle of the night. I'm 41 and my husband 43 and we suffer from no specific joint/muscule problems.
The saler conned us, but there's nothing we can do now, we lost £2500: the saler knew that by including a discount it would void the Comfort Guarantee. This is unbelievable to be conned in a superstore that is so well known. I'm going to contact Trading Standards but I'm not sure they'll be able to help. I'm French: is there an equivalent in the UK of the American class law suit? We should do that, I've read dozens of complaints today, this company has to go down, it's a scam, a big scale scam.

Apr 03, 2012 11:29 am EDT
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My son ordered a tv bed that was going to cost nearly £2000 - I hit the roof when I found out as he is on a low wage, living at home so he can save for a flat and he'd signed up for a three year loan! I callled the store 2 days later to find out about cancelling the order only to be told that as it was past 24 hours there would be a cancellation fee of 20% of the original order - about £400! I offered to change the order for another bed but they said he still had to pay. I pointed out that nothing had been said at the point of sale about 24hours cancellation, but they just said it was in the fine print of the contract, even though the salesman wasn't even aware of the cancellation clause which is why he didn't point it out. Tried to reason with customer services but they wouldn't listen or even let me talk with a manager. This is appalling service and a complete rip off - is there any legal recourse?

Mar 29, 2012 6:12 am EDT
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i wil never tradewith dreams again the service is awful i have been messed about sine feb for my tv bed different dates got n trouble with my employers for messing them about terrible dont buy from dreams

Mar 06, 2012 5:50 pm EST

Agree with all these comments! Ordered a bed which was supposed to take 5 weeks to arrive and told we could only pay deposit in store and could pay the balance on delivery! 2 days before delivery get a phone call with no message and then the day before delivery get a call to say it had been cancelled due to no payment 60 hours before delivery! Rang customer services who were the most unhelpful people I have ever spoken to and they couldn't tell me why we were given wrong information, couldn't give me his last name or head office number and I had to wait 48 hours just to talk to a manager. When I said I wanted to cancel the order I was told it had to be in writing and they couldn't cancel it for 8 days! All in all terrible company and a complete joke! Stay away, wish I'd been on here before buying mine!

Feb 23, 2012 6:20 pm EST

How i wish i had read this before ordering our bed. We ordered our bed from the Morecambe store on the 30th Jan from a very nice man who failed to tell us that we had to assemble ourselfs, until we had paid for it. We thought it cant be that hard, and he said delivery would be in 2 wks. We were pleased to get a phone call to expect delivery on the 16th feb.and it was delivered as promised.. But as soon as we started to put the bed together we realised that there was no side panels, we immediatly tried to ring the number on the invoice and could'nt get through so rang the shop. The man there said he would ring them and ring us back.This was aThursday we heard nothing on Friday so I rang him again and he said no one there at weekend and he would ring us Monday, we stayed in all day and guess what NO PHONE CALL. SO ON tUESDAY i managed to get through to customer services and after explaining to the man all that had happened he said he would ring back, which he did to tell us that they could'nt bring us the spare panels till middle of APRIL. I was offered a discount of another bed if I wanted to reorder, but said no, I
wanted to cancell the order and have my money back. So at the moment after numerous phone calls at our expense we are left with a freshly decoreated bedroom with a new carpet and no bed to go in it. They have said they will collect the bed on the 8th March which is another 2 wks, and my money wont go back on my card till the bed has been collected, so they have our money and we have no bed. Their customer care is dreadful they do not deserve any custom.
mary birtles

Feb 23, 2012 2:41 pm EST

I agree with all these negative comments. This company should not be allowed to trade. Their service, once the order is taken and they have your money is awful. You wait for ages to get through on the phone, and then no one can give you any useful information at all. My bed never came, despite two arranged delivery dates. Its an absolute disgrace. Never buy anything from this store.

Feb 20, 2012 11:38 am EST

My advice to anyone waiting on their order and being given the runaround is to cancel and demand a refund! My wife and I went to Dreams in Wigan on the 26th of December 2011 and ordered a Super King bed costing around £1500. Was told it would take approx 2 weeks to be delivered but due to the time of year and bearing in mind we had had a harsh winter last year maybe 3 weeks on the outside just in case there was any unforeseen problems. "Great!" we thought in three weeks time we will have our brand new bed and was looking forward to it. After 2 weeks we get a phone call from their delivery people to confirm a time "Great!" we think "What a great company does what it says on the tin." Then the next day we get a random phone call from Dreams to inform us our bed will not be delivered on the promised day due to being "Damaged" in transit. "Ok" we think "When can you deliver?" asks my wife " "January the 28th" says the voice on the other end of the phone. Ok not happy about the wait but who wants a faulty bed right? These things happen.
A few days before the 28th my wife receives yet another phone call "RE your order number 123456 unfortunately we won't be able to deliver on that date" "Whyever not?" asks my wife "Well it's not actually been made yet" "Well when will it be made?" asks my wife dubiously "Err Beginning... No Middle...Probably back end of April!" says the voice on the other end of the phone rather enthusiastically. "I don't think so!" says my wife.
And we then started the long road of getting our money refunded. Minus a top sheet which they supposedly gave us free!
This company is a joke they can process your payment for any goods instantly by card in store. But that's all these in our case nice people in store can do. They can't deal with any complaints refunds or problems. You have to call their customer service dept who in turn cannot deal with refunds. The person who does deal with refunds telephones you about five minutes before she is about to clock off for her lunch break at 12 o'clock meaning that if you work she won't get hold of you and when you call back you cannot get hold of her and after 5 o'clock you will go straight to answerphone because she is no longer in her office. She also does not work weekends so again you go straight to answerphone. Any promises to call back are never kept and I believe they ignore any messages you leave either.
So unless you are retired or jobless and have all the time in the world to listen to a 30 second loop of some crackly music your chances of contacting the refund person is slim to none and frankly it would be easier to get an audience with the Queen.
We got our money refunded eventually but only because of the persistence of my wife and It is my firm belief this company will go under eventually so get your refund now while you still can.
Food for thought if the company does go bust and into receivership it can take a very long time to sort out and even then you are not guaranteed to get your full amount back probably only pennies on the pound if anything at all.

Feb 20, 2012 10:45 am EST

Hi Saund, do you have an order number please so that I can look into this matter for you? Thanks

Feb 17, 2012 11:00 am EST

I wish I had read the comments on this site before I purchased my bed from Dreams. I have now had two faulty beds delivered from Dreams. When the first one arrived faulty I had to ring their unhelpful customer services, who take an average of 25 minutes to answer a call, to ask for a replacement bed. I then had to wait 3 weeks for a replacement bed to be delivered, which was also faulty and had the storage facility of it missing. I have sent this back and have been told that they will forward my details onto another company to authorise the refund, apparently this will take over a week before they will contact me and then from there it will take another 8-10 working days for the refund to be processed. At this moment in time I have very little faith that I will get my money back. I am at a loss as to what to do now as their customer service department is useless and that's if you can even get through to them and the store I bought it from won't help. I can't buy another bed until I get the money back for this one, so currently I have no bed and am becoming more and more stress with the situation. Also the guy that put my bed together was useless, we found screws on the floor under the bed which had either fallen out or he just hadn't bothered screwing the bed together. Every section of dreams is incompetent.

Feb 07, 2012 5:38 pm EST

Truly awful company! I am amazed they are still trading! My mum who is elderly and disabled bought bed, mattress and bedroom furniture from them where they promised much and delivered little...literally. Can't ever get through to customer services on their chargeable 0844 number and the branch staff once they have processed the payment suddenly become singularly unhelpful and won't deal with cancellations or refund and just refer you to customer services. Yes the SAME customer services that don't answer the flippin phone! Have written to head office and if they don't refund deposit will be taking it to trading standards.

Jan 27, 2012 6:41 pm EST

I am disabled and ordered a bed from dreams October 2nd 2011 it is now 27th January 2012 and I am still waiting! I have now threatened legal action to recover my costs. You wait almost half an hour on hold at YOUR expense then are told they will ring you back, which they never do!
Very bad company to deal with. At least Dick Turpin had a gun and wore a mask!

Jan 24, 2012 10:44 am EST

Hi all,

Before Xmas I bought a tempur mattress from Dreams in Knightsbridge.
The mattress cost me £1709 which is a ridiculous amount of money.
As a gisft for my trade the manager of the store gave me 2 tempur pillows to take with me. The delivery was booked for the 9th of January.
I was given the receipt which indicated that the mattress was priced at 1539 and the pillows 170. I didn't think anything at the time and I thought that that was the only way for them to give me the pillows for 'free'.
While on holidays I called Dreams customer services up and amended my order to a bigger size. The agent confirmed that the difference was 200 and i was asked to go to the store and pay the extra.
To cut a very long story short the delivery was cancelled and not amended and as they could not give me a new estimated delivery and as I was sleeping on the floor (new flat) I decided I could not wait till doom's day and after many frustrating conversations with Dreams I demanded a refund. I spoke to Head Office and the person told me that they could not refund me with the whole amount but only with the mattress price (pillows are now used). I told them that if they want to charge me for something they gave me for free they can go ahead.
The lady laughed and said that she would refund me with the whole amount.
Needless to say that I got a refund for the mattress only.
I found their service utterly ridiculous and frustrating and as a matter of principle I believe I should have been refunded with the whole amount.
Can anyone advice?

Thank you and sorry for the essay

Dec 31, 2011 3:46 pm EST
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I saw an advert that said they would delivery next day. As I needed a bed fast I went to a store near me and chose a bed. After my payment was processed I was advised that the bed could not be delivered until 21 days. I very reluctantly accepted this as the payment had been processed by card and I know that would take 14 days to reverse. 10 days later I received a call 'to arrange a delivery date'. I advised that I already had one, only to be updated that it would be a further 10 days before the delivery could be made. My response was it they could not deliver on the date agreed when I purchased it then I would like to cancel my order. Their response was quick and curt., although she couldn't cancel the order. I can see no reason why not. I then called the store I bought the bed from and was advised I could not cancel there either and my only option to cancel was to call head office. I called head office and got stuck on an automatic response system. As that failed, I called the store back to be advised head office was closed. I then said if I could not cancel via the store over the phone, I would make one more attempt to cancel via head office in two days time, the next working day and if that did not work I would contact Trading standards. I fully expect that is what is going to happen in two days time.

Oct 20, 2011 3:58 pm EDT
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Yes Dream beds are anything but dreams, they are a nightmare. Lesson 1 do not buy anything unless you can take it away yourself.
2 Customer service comes way down the list after they have taken your money

THIS COMPANY IS A FARCE! I ordered a bed from Dreams in Rochdale at the begining of January. Due to problems with different companies in the past about deliveries I informed the company that I would like to collect the bed. I was informed the bed would be ready for collection mid January (the exact date i cannot recall). In mid Jan I called the store to ask if the bed was ready for me to collect it. I was told the bed was not here and they advised I contact customer services to which I did. I was informed by them that it would be ready the begining of Feb. To cut a very very long story short it is now the 3rd March and I have still not been able to collect the bed as there "are problems with the avaliablity of the bed" dont I know it! Not to my suprise they are still advertising the bed online! After various dates that the bed would be ready, some of which promise, I still have no bed! In total I have been given 8 different dates! I have spoken to a Manager who told me I could upgrade to a different bed but i would have to pay the difference! but that i would recieve £15 of "goodwill gestures" I decided to do this as I was in real need of the bed. Low and behold the bed I wanted to upgrade to is OUT OF STOCK! After all this, me listening to and believing the company about the different dates it would be ready, i have been given the option to continue to wait for the bed (the new date is 28th March) or recieve a refund. I am furious with this company and advise anyone thinking of going to dreams not to bother uless you are happy to have a long wait, make many very expensive phone calls and be lied to over and over again! This company should not be allowed to trade! Leading bed specialists my a***!

Feb 10, 2010 10:15 am EST

poor service and no response to customers complaint. ordered in Nov 2009 and its february and still awating order to complete. No follow up. I am the one who chasing the matter the dreams are not bothered they got their monies!

Oct 18, 2009 4:30 am EDT

I have just recently purchased £1, 500 worth in Dreams Wrexham. I am not happy however with the staff (one member to be really honest) who called me stupid as I didn't want to take credit to buy the bed. She proceeded to inform me I was boring, and when I simply explained i dont like credit (especially in todays climate) I preferred to save up, she stared at me like I had grown 2 heads. The bed/matress/headboard did arrive within 2 weeks, and delivered by two seemingly friendly men, but I guess as they chose to deliver on a saturday, they rushed...alot...and instead of taking the time to turn the matress lengthways to take it up the stairs, they squashed it down and tugged it till it moved took a large amount of plaster off the ceiling above the stairs. There was no appology, they simply turned round and walked out the door. On the plus side, they said delivery was in 2 to 4 weeks, ans it took 2 weeks, the bed/matress.headboard I am thrilled with, but the staff lack severly.

Sep 04, 2009 5:30 pm EDT

Dreams are rip offs who only care about getting their hands on you money! than they have no interest whatsoever.I spent over one thousand pounds on a bed which was ment to be deliverd in five days...its now one month and still no i went into shop and demanded a refunded, to be told my bed is not even in the country by the wharehouse chap...and wont be untill another months son who is disabled has been crying as everytime they say its coming and it doesnt its very upsetting...iam sleeping on sofa while he has my bed...i have four discs in my back damaged and sleeping on the sofa makes it worse...Dreams should not be allowed to trade and they should be heavily fined for the service the not providing...i have never experienced anything so upsetting ...Never again will i shop at Dreams

Jul 25, 2009 5:08 am EDT

I spent over £1800 on an ottoman bed and mattress. When it was delivered, there were no piston brackets so I rang the customer service department who apologised and said they would be ordered and sent ou within 48 hours! This meant me sleeping downstairs on the floor. 6 days later 2 pistons arrived without the brackets so the bed was still unuseable. They then arranged delivery for 3 days later but again, the wrong part was sent. I went to the shop to complain and they sent another delivery that afternoon with a lovely young man who had the foresight to bring a whole bed to make sure I got the corect item. Whilst we finished assembling the bed, I noticed that one of the slats was coming away from the bed frame but by this point, all I wanted to do was to sleep in a bed after 9 nights on the floor! The final straw was when I tried to raise the bed to put spare bedding in the base. It was so heavy, I couldn't lift it and once it was raised, the supports wouldn't hold it up! I will be contacting them today for a refund!

May 01, 2009 4:49 am EDT

Why do they spend SO much on advertising when they never follow up on calls? I phoned them two weeks ago, in the morning. There was no-one to take the call. I left a message on their answerphone with my telephone number asking them to phone me. Now, two weeks later, NOTHING! No response from them. I have ordered a new mattress from another company, of course. If they cannot return customers' calls then that message should be on their answerphone. Very, very bad customer relations.

Sep 29, 2008 1:26 pm EDT

Comment from Francesca-The shops will tell you they can not call there head office! please they must think we are thick... my advice to you is dont even go there.

As an ex employee of Dreams Head Office (my decision not theirs) this is true, the stores are not allowed to call customer services on behalf of a customer and the store will be fined! this is supposed to stop the stores flooding the line and preventing customers from getting through.I agree that it is a ridiculous rule as most people myself included would get very irrate to have to call a premium rate number and wait 30 minutes for the call to be answered. The bottom line is there is not enough staff to answer the volume of calls recieved every day, yes the sales staff will omit to tell you things so they get the sale as the pressure from the area managers etc is immense to reach target, and the reason the store are not allowed to deal with a complaint( as instructed by the powers that be in Head Office) is because it takes sales staff away from the sales floor! Iwould not buy from them and I tell everyone I meet to steer clear!

Aug 10, 2018 10:15 am EDT
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So wish I’d read this before going anywhere near this company


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