Domino's Pizzadid the delivery men have to touch the pizza?

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Just recently, my family decided to get a pizza at this Domino's location. We ordered here once before, and did not do so for a while, because of the same reason we had a problem with this time also.
The pizza was made, it was all set, and than all the sudden, some delivery people came in after being outside, talking on the phone, driving their vehicles, and did not wash their hands. One of the delivery men opened the box of pizza and cut it, putting his unclean hands all over the pizza. Than he shut the box. The other delivery guy than randomly opened the box, and put his finger on the pizza, for no reason?! It was so odd. Why would they have delivery people come in from outside, not wash their hands, and come in and handle the food?


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      Jan 01, 2010

    From what you're mentioning, if that is true then call the store. How do you know that the delivery guy was touching your pizza?

    It goes from the dough area to the makeline then the oven to the cut table and boxed up.

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      Sep 20, 2011

    Driving from SC to OH with crappy glasses has permanently damaged your vision and destroyed your quality of life? Please say you're trolling.

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