Domino's Pizza / service & product

Omaha, GA, United States

I ordered a pizza on 72nd &Military in Omaha, NE over the phone . When the pizza came to my house, I opened the pizza and me and my wife to thought it wasnt the size so I called back and asked questions about my order. The manager was rude and thought I said one of the delivery drivers stole one of my pizza but that was not what I said. The manager said he will ban me from the deliver list and dont call here again and hung uupon me without saying goodbye. I called that location back and he picked up and hung up the phone. So I called from my wife's phone, he answered. I asked the question about my order and explained it to me but still said he will ban me from the delivery list and hung up the phone. The pizza was also horrible and we did not receive our peppers or cheese that we ordered.

Sep 16, 2017

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