Domino's Pizza / price

Ellwood City, PA, United States

I am writing in regards to the price of my pizza that I usually order when my family gets dominos. I love pizza and would hate to have to go without it, but it can be hard because I'm vegan. I know I am the one causing this problem, because my order is so specific, but there is limited options when it comes to ordering out. When I order from dominos, I get the thin crust, original sauce, peppers, onions, olives, and banana peppers. This order comes out to a total of $17! I do not order meat or cheese on my pizza, so my question is why so expensive? Of I do not have a coupon to use I cannot afford to order dominos ever, because for what I get, it's too much money. I am disappointed that you can get a regular pizza for half the price as one without the expensive stuff (meat and cheese) on it. Please consider making changes, because I love your pizza, it's just not worth it.

Oct 28, 2018

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