Domino's Pizzamiscommunication and disregard

Last Friday (december 7), I got home from work and called Domino's ([protected]) at 7:46pm and placed an order for a large pizza one 2L coke and a cake, just before I hang up I asked the lady to please send me change for a 100 dollars and she acknowledged that.
When the delivery guy got here, I brought my order to the kitchen and went to get the money, when I handed the money he told that he didn't have change for it. He made a phone call in front of me and I was able to hear the guy telling him to bring it all back if I couldn't pay with a smaller bill. I had to take the pizza that I did order, explain to my younger brother that we couldn't eat that but we could order somewhere else, we were very disappointed with the situation, I even offered to give the 100 and he would have to bring me the change at some point that night but the answer was "give me the pizza".
I really like Domino's pizza and every time I have friends over and we feel like having pizza for dinner Domino's is the choice, but from now on I'm not sure.
Very disappointed.

Dec 09, 2018

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