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Jesus is repeatedly unprofessional. Several months ago, I went to pick up my pizza and had to park down the street because there was a car parked illegally backwards in the diagonal parking in front of the store, taking up two spaces. As I walked by, it was Jesus sitting in the car. Blasting rap music and singing out the window while smoking of some sort. Why do his customers have to walk 1/2 a block to get pizza because he is parked on his break in the front two spots, illegally! On another occasion, I went in to pick up a pizza and he was running around squirting his employees with a water gun. He then proceeded to stare at me and make winky faces to other male employees while I waited for my pizza, though he did not know I saw. He wears his dominos shirts around Batavia everywhere he goes, and if this behavior continues outside his store, it does not look good for him to be repping the company. On his personal Facebook page, he has several disturbing pictures. One of which is him shirtless and sweaty standing inside the company's industrial cooler/freezer. In another photo, he is posing shirtless inside the store along the wallpapered wall with all the dominos designs in it, with the keys to the store around his arm. Why is this man shirtless so often inside a store, let alone sweaty and in the cooler with the food!! Not to mention, he is now openly dating another manager Kaylee, at the store. Rumor has it she was married and had a kid, but cheated on her husband with Jesus and now she is 7 months pregnant with their kid. This is information going around Batavia that random citizens are talking about. A manager of a store should not have so much controversy and drama surrounding him. The town of Batavia should not know what is going on in his life. Unprofessional and disgusting to say the least.

Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza

Nov 04, 2018
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      Nov 05, 2018
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    Shouldn't be talking about Jesus like that.

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