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Domino's Pizza / bad driver

1 Easton, PA, United States Review updated:

On March 21, 2009 at approximately 3:20pm (maybe a little later) I was coming over the Glendon Bridge in Easton Pa, just on the boader of Wilson, when I witnessed what could have ended up being a 4 car accident but thakfully did not.
It seems as though one of your delivery drivers felt the need to dangerously pass the car in front of him kicking up gravel and dust from the road. May I mention this road is not straight it does twist. This occured at a point in the road where it merges into one lane.
The driver continued to go North and the car in front of me, along with myself continued in the same direction. While driving, we all ended up in the same place, the parking lot of Dominos and Blockbuster Video on William Penn Hwy, Easton, PA.
I was furious. I actually went out of my way to follow this driver so I could make the manager of the store aware of the situation I witnessed.
The car that got cut off, well that driver went into the video store. I on the other hand got out of my car, asked the driver of the care that cut everyone off if the manager was in the store, He did not answer, I asked again, He did not answer. A girl got out of a Jeep, I asked her if there was a manager on duty, she said no, can I help you?? I said " yeah, this guy alomost caused a 4 car accident because he had to cut someone off on the road leading from Glendon to Easton, for some reason he needed to get here really quick. I have 2 kids in my car and this guy could have caused a major crash." He, the driver, abrubtly said "I did'nt cut anyone off." He walked away after yelling in my face while I stated "yes you did."
The girl told me there was not a Manager on duty, I find that hard to believe on a Sunday, mid-afternnon, ther is not a manager. she stated she was the shift runner. what ever that is, I stated the concern of the situation again and and let her know that I did not appreciate the smirk on her face. Then 2 females got out of her car, they were not in Dominos attire, and she told me I could call the manager at 4:30 or call another number. I stated I would call. I also made it known that the driver was way out of control and questioned why he drove erratically and was the purpose to get pepperoni to the store??? You have got to be kidding me!!!
I decided to get in touch with corporate because nothing would end up getting done at the store. Hopefully you will get in touch and do something about this. If this occurance would have ended up damaging, God only knows what the consequences would have been. These drivers need to obey the traffic laws and look out for the other people on the road. When I saw that driver get out of that car with 3 clear bags of topping for pizza, I was furiuous.
That much of a rush to get topping to the store, you have got to be kidding.
The driver was a male, heavy, drove a burgandy Stanza with the license plate number HFG-1903.
Like I said this was from the Wm. Penn Hwy store in Easton, PA next to Blockbuster.
Thank you for your time
Mrs. Barone
Easton resident.

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  • Bb
      16th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    boohoo. judging by your reaction and how you tell the story i'm going to assume you are an idiot, have nothing to do, and drive too slow. even if you get this guy fired he will still be driving a car so what are you trying to do? quit wasting other peoples time and for the sake of your kids learn how to drive before you get them killed ###

  • Fl
      30th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    you're not too bright if you have a confrontation with a crazy driver when you have your children with you freakin [censor]

  • Hu
      9th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes


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