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L Nov 19, 2017

My husband called and got prices for pizza. Later, He called and order a pizza. He order extra cheese and half pepperoni. When he got the pizza home, it had pepperoni on the whole pizza, not only that but the charged us $14.81 instead of the $8.99 (plus tax) quotoed. He called and talked to them. They said all they can do is remake it if we brought it back. We are 15-20 minutes from Jacksonville so for us to bring it back would have been 30-40 minutes and extra gas for their mistake. I called back to talk with a manager. I asked how much a medium deep pizza is...He hatefully said that he had already talked to a man about how much the pizza was. I had never ever said who I was or why I was calling. He just assumed that he knew. What if I had been a "different" customer, how does that make your company look. I told him that we had already called and been quoted a price. He said that you have to ask for the discount. I explained to him that we have never had to do that with the Oxford location and have never had these kind of problems when I have dealt with the Oxford location. As a matter of fact, I have never had this type problem with any pizza restaurant. Sure, some have mess up our orders but they have always make it right...and not at our expense. The manager was hateful and had no concern for our circumstances. I mean was I really suppose take the food off my three year old plate to bring back because I don't like pepperoni!?!?! I am suppose to tell my three year old that she has to wait thrity minutes to an hour to eat her dinner. I was really and true upset with how this manager handle this situation. I have never been spoken to or treated as bad as this manager treated us.

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