Domino's Pizza / didn't receive my whole order

Newark, NJ, United States

I called and ordered my food for Domino's pizza which was 2 medium-sized size pizzas and 1 sprite and garlic knots and cinnamon knot also chicken Alfredo bread bowl and I didn't receive my bread bowl I called and talked to someone and they told that it will be getting a delivery shortly and it never came I called back an hour later and talked to the same young lady and she said ITV would be delivered after another hour I called back the same person answered when she heard my voice she put me on hold for like 20 minutes finally she got back on the phone I ask to speak to a manager and she put me on hold a gentleman came on the phone is told him the problem he told me he see it in the computer and my order would be arriving in 20 min I asked him his name and he wouldn't tell and he said to me I'm not the manager I am just the person who is here but there is no manager on tonight I waited for about 35 minutes and called back because I still didn't get my food and the young lady answered and told me that her manger told her to make my whole order over and send it to me fresh so I would be getting my food in 20 minutes and she hung up on me and I called back but they keep hanging up on me so I didn't get the problem resolved please call me Shonda Barker [protected] Thanks In advance. ...

Sep 17, 2017

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