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On September 5th, 2017 I placed an order online for 2 medium pizzas. I followed the tracker it was suppose to be delivered already it said I received it, but I hadn't. I called the store [protected]. I have ordered from this same store multiple times in the past. The person who answered forgot name but it was a male. I was already upset because I have 2 kids and they needed to eat and the only reason I was ordering this night from domino's was because I only had a gift card to pay for anything. I was told first are you sure you called the right store, and I said yes I ordered from you guys several times in the past. After verifying my info He then said that they knocked on my door no one answered. I told him that no one has came to my door. My kids were waiting so that would be impossible. He then said they called but I have no missed calls. I told him that then verified the number. He said it was wrote down wrong. Then he offered a solution that I could come get it or get store credit and no food (which was not possible with my kids hungry) or they could deliver it but it would be awhile. I told him I needed it delivered the other two were not an option for me. Then the phone call ended. I received a call from the driver my phone rang at 8:58 the driver could not find my house which is big and white and on a corner. Although it is raining outside. I was disappointed with the person handling the situation at the store. He seemed to not care that it had even happened and not a big deal. My kids enjoy domino's and its a treat when we can get and was relieved that I had a gift card for dinner, but this was a little stressful because money tight and I didn't have options for tonight dinner. My name is amy Koonce phone number is [protected]. Address is 1390 fair oaks avenue we Marietta, Ga 30060. Order was placed around 7: 45 pm. Thank you.

Sep 05, 2017
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  •   Sep 05, 2017

    My best advice (because this has happened to me exactly)

    Go over the stores head, that way when it gets redirected back to the store they will do whatever it takes to please you so they do not get in trouble.

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