Domino's Pizza / delivery

galway east, Ireland

hello there my name ashish kumar address 50 an fiodan doughiska Galway. i am a regular customer of domino's i mostly order once in week. there is some problems happen but i all the time ignore like they forget dips or mix up drinks wrong pizza . but last couple of weeks i ordering and i facing problem with my food. i order online last week 15/06/2017 meal for 2 online and it was e17 thats fine i paid to driver when i open box pizza was not sliced same garlic bread not sliced either i call in shop. but today i order again same when delivery came to door driver ask me e22.90 i thought may be in shop they add something so its 23 euro but wn i check my order it was same i rang in shop person answer phone name by amar or may be i didnt hear right but like this. he said to me its my fault i order that deal and start argument with me he said if i want food i have to pay 23 euro i tell him i get same last week for 17 but he keep telling me his own things when i tell him i will complain about u and i will not return and i will tell to all my friends he said to me to do that. i was very disappoint today after working long day when u hungry if u can not provide good service so whats the point to do customer service. please reply to me
Thank you
Ashish kumar

Jun 21, 2017

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