Domino's Pizza / customer service and employees

went to Domino's to pick up a pizza which I previously ordered online. I ordered at 5:15pm. Arrive for pick up at 5:30pm(given time allowed for estimated pick up given online). Pizza was to be ready in 5 minutes stated a team member there. 20 minutes go by. Still no pizza. During wait time I experienced employees deliberately destroying pizzas just to be put to the side on which to be eaten for their own satisfaction. All while behind glass on front of customers. My rant to the girl Tia and the other guy( pizza oven operator) back there that kept eating the pizzas which people had ordered on 115th Halsted in Chicago store #9172 was that it is inappropriate for this type of behavior. There is no such thing as a customer service phone number like the good old days. I guess You or your opinions no longer matter in the real world anymore. Just about spending your money is more important. Domino's stop hiring careless and unqualified people to do a REAL JOB.

Nov 22, 2017

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