Domino's / horrible delivery!!

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I have ordered a pizza from Domino's and they said that I'll get my pizza within an hour. Delivery guy was 6 hours late and he wasn't able to explain what took him so long. I did not let him in and refused to pay.
While I was waiting and just wasted my precious time trying to contact the delivery boy I already ordered another pizza. Second pizza was ordered from Pizzahut and they arrived faster than Domino's.
I love Domino's pizza, but their delivery service is beyond ridiculous. Delivery boy said that he was very sorry and things like that but I said that I was no longer interested in their pizza. And the worst part was that no one even called from Domino's! It would be nice if they would at least call me and warn about such a late delivery, but they never cared. Hopeless company.

Mar 16, 2017

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