Dominos Federalsburg MD / terrible service

I've recently had a two not so great experiences with the Federalsburg Md Dominos. On 11/17/17 I ordered some food with a side of garlic sauce (which we have to pay extra for). On 11/17/17 we did not receive the sauce, had requested them to send us a driver out with the sauce, but felt bad they'd have to drive out again for sauce so they stated they would put it on our next order. We placed an order on 1/13/18, my husband called in at 6:37 pm to remind them of the sauce we didn't receive previously and to make sure it was in our order. Yet again, our sauce was not in order. At 6:56pm my husband called and spoke with "Kevin" (if that was his real name) who stated they'd send it back out. I am a sauce person, I rarely eat anything without sauces, so I had to wait to eat my food. The sauce did not show up to our house until 7:32pm; my home is 7.1 miles from the store exactly and it took 36 minutes since our call to get the sauce. Not only is it ridiculous we had to call to remind them since they forgot the last time, but to forget again, have rude customer service and take 36 minutes to correct the order is absurd. I understand it is just a sauce, but it is a sauce I have paid for previously and forgotten twice, we as a customer should not have to remind your company. We have used Domino's over the years over every other local pizzeria, but I no longer believe we will use your company as not only do I believe my order will be wrong and incomplete but I do not trust your staff won't do anything to our food. Thank you.

Jan 29, 2018

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