Dollar Treeunethical behaviour from store mgr. at store 115 on 5/18/2017 @11 am

I arrive to my local Dollar Tree at or around 10:40A.M. As I was shopping around the dirty clutter of isles I needed to go to the restroom which was locked as always and when I went to cashier to ask for key to use it she said I had to ask store mgr to open it for me, so I asked store mgr as he was receiving bread if he could open the restroom he said he would be there in a minute, so I waited by the restroom for 20 minutes and I went back to front of store and he was on register so again I asked and he stated in a minute, so he continued to take new customers as I stood and waited I could not hold any longer so I left without buying anything and am unhappy that we cannot use restroom as before with other mgrs who would give us a key to open door so we could keep shopping, I always spend between $25 to $50 because I buy cleaners, toothbrushes, bread, and many other things but I sometimes have to use restroom. What is his problem? The employees seem unhappy not there normal happy store, the only change I saw was the mgr. and the filthy store. This store has alot of shoppers but will not be shopping there with this awful mgr. and the awful way it looks, unkept and dirty, when this store in the morning should look ready to go. unhappy customer. Irene

May 18, 2017

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