Dollar Treethe condition of a store

D Nov 14, 2017

This is second time that I have written to you about a Dollar Tree... This store is so nasty and filthy that it is not fit for people to be in it.. The store looks like it has never been vacuumed, the aisles are always cluttered, if there is no room on a peg for merchandise, the employees just dump items on the bottom shelf.. This store is never clean and the employees act like it is no big deal... This store should not be opened for business... Someone from Corporate needs to come into this store and clean it up!! We of this neighborhood should not have to go into this store and shop... Will someone please go into this store unannounced and look at it!! You will be shocked!!! This store should not be associated with the Dollar Tree name.. Do something about this nasty store..Store #301
4409 Chapman Hwy. Unit 1
Knoxville, TN [protected]

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