Dollar Tree / store manager 502

Chesapeake, Virginia, VA, United States

I was in dollar tree located in Chesapeake, VA; store 502. I was in there trying to find some last minute items when I approached a young lady and she kindly pointed me in the right direction of the items I was searching for. I walked away and soon after she approached me and asked me if I found the item I was as looking for which at that time I had not, but she quickly found the items for me. As she walked away she greeted another customer and they stopped her and I assume that customer needed help as well. Shortly after I heard them paging a worker to the front which I assumed to be the young last that just helped me. A few moments passed and the worker was paged again. To my horror I go into check out to find the same young lady being fussed at by whom I assume to be a manager. I heard the him talking very rudely to her and she apologized and tried explaining she was helping a customer and he just about got in her face and continued talking aggressively and the young lady told him again she was sorry and that every customer mattered and he moved her out from in front of the register and told her to go home. Someone needs to retrain this man how to treat his employee. I can't not believe what I along with numerous customers witnessed and I feel very embarrassed for the young lady. They've lost my business for life due to this incident.

Dec 26, 2017

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