Dollar Tree / short changed on cash back

Plant City, FL, United States

I went to the Dollar Tree in Plant City Florida on us 37 about 6:20 on June 9. My total rang up $4.28. I have the cashier $5.50. My change was only 22 cents. When I asked for the Dollar the cashier said I paid her with 4 ones and 50 cents. After she went on the pa to call for a manager, the manager weighed all the money and determined the drawer was 50 over. I was only given 72 cents change instead of the $1.22. It is not the money I am complaining about but the way the cashier handled the transaction. She kept telling EVERYBODY that I paid her with 4 ones and I know I Have her a five dollar bill. I was also not given a receipt this time also. I didn't get her name but she was the black pregenant cashier.

Jun 09, 2017

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