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Dollar Tree / service

1 Chicago, IL, United States Review updated:

On December 22, 2017 around 2:30 I entered Family Dollar there was no carts. So I begin shopping. I entered the store with a black recyclable bag. So as I was shopping I just put the items inside the bag. I continue to shop, looking for what I was looking for. The store manager (Elaine) walks up to me and she says :do you have something in the bag? I then looked down at the bag and replied"yes" she then proceeded to take the items out the bag and walk to the counter in front of the store. As she was walking to the front of the store, she was yelling open up a register and got on the phone and called security. I never seen security come. I'm just standing there wondering what's going on... She then said"Come pay for those items" I then replied
To her"That I'm not finished shopping"she then said"Get a cart. I replied" there's no carts"this lady out the line is she gave me her cart. I asked her" can I get my stuff"she said yes. I got my stuff and proceeded to shopping like I was doing. When I'm finished shopping and headed to the line her and the employee was making jokes and laughing and smirking and pointing. so I pay for my items. Which I had a pouch inside me coat. I then remove my $ and paid for my things. I then walked towards the door. To wait for my mental illness sister. so as I stood there she dangled the little teddy bear that I have forgot to put in the bag. I walked over to her and said thanks. She than ask me"Was I waiting on someone "I replied" yes"she then point to a customer and said"Her"I said no. Im really in a rush because I only came in to get 5 Christmas bag with stuffers, for my sons after school teacher. So I was pressed for time because my sons getting out at 2:45pm. I took it and put it in my bag and I was waiting for my sister she was coming up next in line. so I just stood back out the way in front of the register. Then she was standing next to me... but she looked at me!!! she kept looking at me!!! And she said to me." Let me tell you something "she put her arms around my back and she patted a little bit. she said what's in there as she touched my breast... and I looked at her like"what "and I then replied"TITTIES". she then replied" Are you sure "and I say"yes, I'm sure"she told me something like" you need to wear a bra"I replied"I don't have to wear no bra, I just running out trying to explain to her.. she than stated"How my tities are sagging"but when she said that (oh my God) so she did it in front of the front of the employees, customers. mean while after that her and her employee was making jokes in of me, customers, wth the employees. One of her employees stated "She was crazy and you just mean" she replied "yeap". I stood there in is believe like (really) with anger and tears in my eyes then waited for my sister and left the store. I left the store in disbelief. As I sat in the parking in my van. I was angry and in tears. I needed to call somebody... so I called one of my friends. she just told me to come on home. I don't know what to do. so I put in a complaint with dollar tree corporate office. I waited nothing ever happened!!! Here's the 2nd complaint. following this I will be making a police report"non-emergency police" "sexually assaulted" report so I'm just trying to see what's going on. could someone please give me some type of indication that you did receive this information. For contacting me.. My name is Sherrice Patterson. Email address
Thank You

Dec 28, 2017
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      16th of Aug, 2018
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    You were fondled by a manager in front of a bunch of people and no one else said or did anything? Yeah, okay.

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