Dollar Tree / service at jeffersonville indiana 10th street dollar tree.

Jeffersonville indiana, US

I was in the dollar tree on 10th street in jeffersonville indiana i go there with my children to get good dollar deals on food i had a huge cart full of items i got in line and started to put my items up the cashier didnt seem friendly to me at all. I thought oh well she could of had a bad day. Being a single mom dollar tree is the perfect store to spend a good amount of money. Well as i was done the woman behind me waited paitiently and dont seem to be bothered by my items. But the cashier seemed to be apoligizing to the customer behind me as if i was a issue and said iam trying to get u out of here to the customer. I felt it was rude she shouldnt apoligize serving me.i told her thank u and she said thank u in a digusted way. Her name was angela and she wore a skirt. Just a concern i have. And how i felt.

Mar 21, 2017

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