Dollar Tree / manager, assist manager

San Marcos, TX, United States

Could not believe my eyes when I walked into the store #1172 in san marcos, 1050 mckinley pl, 78666.. Omg... What a mess!!! This is truly the most disorganized dollar tree that I have ever been in. There were boxes down every isle of the store with some employees emptying them, others standing around talking. I ask one employee where something was and the reply was "we haven't unboxed that it yet"... Then later found that is was actually on the shelf. The employee did not want to help me. When I went to check out, the light at register was on but no one was there (???) so I went to the register with no light because it was open. When I walked up, I was told it was closed, even tho she was checking folks out. Instead of checking me out, the assistant manager veronica said "no, can't, won't... Very rudely". As a result I lost my place in line at the other reg. I was very mad. But then, I thought maybe this was a one time occurance. So I went back a coupke of days later. Apparantly it is the same everyday... If not worse. Boxes everywhere, no organization... It was like all the employees just quit and left all the boxes in every corner of the store... Unopened. Yet on that day there were 3 employees working. When finished shopping I went up th the front. Omg, there were at least 15 people in line at the both of the registers that were open. The 3rd one was closed. And one employee named melissa was just walking around like a social butterfly, not doing anything. Why didnt she open another register? Omg... Terrible customer service. The girl at my register said she had just started work the day before. Dont think she planned to be this swamped on her 1st day. But do you think melissa would step in... Obviously not. I called the store manager, ken today... And he was rude too. Offered no apology and told me he would not talk to me about my complaints, very rude... Basically told me to "take a hike". No wonder the assis manager is the way she is, she is just like him. Someone needs to do something about this horrible awful store. Or just close it down. Thank you.

Jun 14, 2017

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