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At the Lapeer Michigan Dolllar Tree Store, March 30, 2010, I was returning excess items, that were from a 100 person, baby shower. A very nice cashier, Amber was her name, was very nice and helpful. She was counting items to be returned, as so I knew how many items, I had to buy, in exchange. Another cashier, I do not know her name, told me and Amber to just stop what we were doing, and to move the line along! She was very snotty, so I explained to her, I had to know how much to buy! So I went on with Amber counting the itmes, and then we agreeed on 52 items I needed to buy. I happily filled my shopping cart. Next was the wost day of my life in years, I was verbally assulted by an assistant store manager, Julie. I was told by her, (Julie) that some of the items I was returning, were USED, at the baby shower, (that they were on the tables and used) and I was trying to "scam" her. They were glass candy dishes, with glass lids. I had purchased over 50 of them and was returning 12 of them. I was standing there with almost $1, 000.00 in Dollar Tree reciepts, purchased over a 6 month period, and was shocked at how I was being treated. I had reciepts for all the items I was returning, and she was not interested, at that time. The store check out line was full, I was very embarrassed at how I was being spoken to! So I asked Julie, if she had an toll free number, I could call to corporate, to complaine about this matter. She tore the Dollar paper off the check out stand, and basically threw it at me. I asked her again, politely, for a phone number, that I did not want to go online, and she then said, "Well most people do have a computer and internet." Again, I was shocked at this attitude, like I was a poor person or what she was thinking I do not know... I told her that I indeed do have braodband, but, I wanted to call as soon as I got to my car. So, she then pulled the paper out of my hand, so fast, she reopened, a healing split, to a finger tip. I was furious, as this hurt!! I felt like going nuts. But I did not. So She circled a number on that same paper, and threw it at me, once again. Next an item, I honestly thought was a Dollar Tree item, (pack of wooden clothes pins) was discovered in the retured items, by Julie, and she asked another lady who was working at the time, "Is this ours? I 've never seen it, have you?" and snotty like, they both said "NO it's not ours". Julie threw the package of clothes pins at me. She made it clear, they were not a Dollar Tree item. I told her I was sorry. When I loaded all the excess party items up, I was very tired, and it was a mistake. Her reply was "Like sure". I just kept shaking my head in disbelief... I almost asked if I was on a hidden camera show...While all this bickering, was going on, and I was being assulted by Julie, another cashier, by the name of Amber, was so embarrassed, you could see it in her eyes, and facial expressions. She was so very nice with my from the very beginning. Each time verbal assults were dished out to me, she would look at me (Amber) with disbelief, and shock. She was so very helpful and nice. My itms were packed up and and I thanked Amber for being so nice, I told her when I called Dollar Tree corporate, I'd let them know all about what just took place, and especially how nice, and professional she was. I left the store, and was in the parking lot. I was loading my items into my car. I was directly in front of the stores opened door. Customers, walked out after me, a two of them, I knew. They said they could not believe what they heard in the store, and I was definately suppoed to call Dollar Tree business headquarters, and file a formal protest. Next, I got into the drivers seat of my car, and called the corporate phone number. As I was on the phone, both the snotty lady, (who was smoking) and Julie came outside, and were walking around collecting shopping carts. They were walking by my car, and I was worried of further violence, so I rolled up my widows, and started my car. I wanted to complete my call and be safe. I was definately concerned about them approaching me in parking lot. I thought that was the safest thing to do.I complete my call and left the parking lot with no further problems. The first lady I spoke with was very nice, asked me to tell the entire story, and listened . After I was done, she said she was very sorry and promised me a district manager, would call me. The next day, today, she did, and her name is Robin. She also was very nice, and assured me the matter would be handeled. End of story, as of now. What I hope is, no other person, ever has to be treated like I was by Julie. She has no right, being in customer service, period.

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      8th of Aug, 2011

    i apologize to you as an employee for dt, i'm sorry that you had to encounter that kind of abuse.

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