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Dollar Tree, Inc / poor customer service

1 Gonzales, LA, United States Review updated:

On monday, july 20, 2009 at approximately 4:30 p. M. Central time, I visited dollar tree store # 2242 at gonzales plaza shopping center 114 north airline hwy, gonzales, louisiana 70737. I shop at different dollar tree stores frequently, and enjoy what they have to offer. I shop at this particular location the most, and have encountered some unpleasant experiences but the situation I dealt with on monday was by for the worst!

From shopping at the dollar tree numerous times, I know the return policy pretty well. On this particular occasion I was returning some items that i’d purchased and did not have time to shop around so I just wanted the returns back on a gift card, like i’d done in the past. When I arrived at the store there was only one register open with one customer in front of me. I explained what I wanted to the cashier and she in return called someone on the phone and very generously told me someone would be with me. A few minutes later, another cashier arrives and the first cashier explains to her what I want and she just says, & ldquo;ok” and beginning to check out the customer behind me. The first cashier then calls on the phone again. Five minutes later a gentleman walks out of the back and the first cashier explains to him that i’m in a hurry and would just like my refund back on a gift card. The gentleman tells me to step out of line and proceeds to ask if I have the items picked out that I want to exchange them for. I politely explain to him that I am in a hurry and would just like my returns on a gift card so I can get going. He then informs me in a very rude manner that if I didn’t have what I wanted already picked out I would just have to come back at another time because they didn’t have time to deal with returns right now and he hands me my bag back. I take my bag back, manage to look at his name tag, which states renee, and inform him that I would be calling customer service and he just blows it off.

I was outraged by how someone could be so inconsiderate. As I get in my car and pull out of the store parking lot, I look up the store number on my phone and call back to speak to the manager. Mr. Renee answers the phone and I ask to speak to the store manager. He states exactly, & ldquo;i am the store manager! What do you need?” I then asked him for his last name and he refused to give it to me. I informed him that I had a compliant and would be going to higher authority and would like to have his last name. He refused again to give me his last name and then hung up the phone.

I am outraged more so that store managers act in such an inappropriate way and hurt that there are human being that act this way. I have called twice to the customer service line and received no response. I feel that I was the victim of shockingly bad treatment on the part of the store manager and it was an egregious experience. I will continue this fight until it is resolved.

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  • Ma
      25th of Sep, 2009
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    I had a similar experience with dollar tree. Upon receiving very poor customer service from a really nasty lady I asked to speak to the manager. She replied, "I am the manager" and refused to provide contact info for her supervisors. So I'm contacting corporate offices, yet doubt they will do anything about it. I've found so many similar complaints against dollar tree that I've come to believe rude service and nasty employees are company policy. I will never in my life spend another cent at any dollar tree store. Their products are garbage anyway.

  • As
      2nd of Jan, 2011
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    I too just had an encounter with a dollar tree store manager. I got to the checkout counter and had about 10 items including a bag of teddy grams. The casier rang up the teddy grams and the register made a loud sound...she stated to me that the item i was trying to purchase wasnt in the system yet so she had to call her manager over to over-ride the purchase...the manager came over and took the bag from the cashiers hand, placed the teddy grams on the register behind her, typed something in the computer and walked away...the cashier didnt say anything to me just continued to ring up my other i asked her what was wrong and if i was going to be able to purchase the teddy grams compleatly confused because she told me she was going to get the manager so he could over-ride the purchase and my teddy grams were on the other register...she then explained to me that i wasnt able to buy them.. stupidly i inquired why just to be told because you just cant!! so i asked if she could call the manager over. meanwhile there is a line of people behind me...the manager came over. i asked him why i couldnt purchase the item he said "because you can't" i then tried to explain to him that the item is on the floor which means he has to sell them to me and he said GET THIS " WHATEVER" and walked away...never in my life hsve i been spoken to like that from a manager !!please not able to make a co0mplaint because i cant get thru to their corporate # and dont know where to go from here.. ive never made a complaint like this in my life but ive also never been spoken to like this from a manager at any store!!

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