Dollar Tree / I am complaining about a cashier

Today is November 24 at 4:30 I went to your dollar tree at 910 Lee road Orlando Florida 32810 let's start by saying when I walk in the door she did not speak that was not good customer service then I hear her come on the intercom and say she need assistance at another register because she had a long line I got my items that I was shopping for so I get to the register and she still doesn't speak she start ringing my item up her body language you can till she must was having a bad day she just throw my drinks in the bag so I ask her instead of putting my stuff in the small bag's could she put them in the big bag's she just throw my food in the bag so to be honest I got upset because that's disrespectful towards me as a mother as a customer I was shopping for my kids I just move to this area and this the first time since I been coming here I experience this at this store it's all about serving great customer service or at least if you having a bad day still speak and put a smile on your face

Nov 24, 2017

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